Meet CLAUDIO BELLINI 02/16/2023


The creative process is a delicate balance between knowledge, inspiration, and execution. At 9to5 Seating, we aim to create functional objects and pieces that bring aesthetic appeal to the space. In this feature, we interview CLAUDIO BELLINI, a Milan-based multidisciplinary design studio founded by the legendary Claudio Bellini. We delve into the exciting and challenging process of designing a chair, the inspiration behind the Cavo design project, and the rich history of the Bellini design team.

9to5 Seating: Thank you for sitting down and speaking with us. Can you introduce to our audience the CLAUDIO BELLINI design team and its history?

CLAUDIO BELLINI: CLAUDIO BELLINI is a Milan-based multidisciplinary design studio founded by Claudio Bellini in 1996. It is built on an open-minded and innovative perspective, is respectful to design heritage, and specializes in product, furniture, and interior design. Integrating different disciplines gives the studio the privilege to provide long-term consultancy to clients by advising on graphic design, architecture, CMF, and brand Identity.

The Studio’s capability of analyzing the complex dynamics of foreign markets has led CLAUDIO BELLINI to be recognized all around the world as one of the most influential European design practices. Today, the studio continues evolving by enhancing creativity with the support of a talented multinational team through its complementary skills.



9to5 Seating:  What is the general philosophy of the creative process?

CLAUDIO BELLINI: The creative process combines a wide range of activities, such as knowledge and understanding of the topic, collection of information, and, of course, inspiration. When you are in the process of exploration, a variety of objects can cause emotions and a sequence of thoughts. Then comes the process of trials, comparing variations and identifying an idea that excites your mind and meets all customer requests.

In today’s world, and especially in today’s world of furniture, it’s important to create a product that’s not only physically comfortable but also mentally and aesthetically appealing to you. Something that fills and complements the space and not only performs specific functions.



9to5 Seating: What makes the chair an interesting design project?

CLAUDIO BELLINI: A chair is a piece of furniture we are all intimate with, it is an object that we use every day be it to take a break, to sit down for lunch, or to work long hours at the office. Designing a chair for the office environment is even more challenging and interesting, a good office chair is an essential working tool that allows us to be efficient but also dynamic and flexible. Designing a chair for us means literally sculpting an object around the human body.



9to5 Seating: Tell us about the inspiration behind Cavo

CLAUDIO BELLINI: The inspiration for Cavo comes from the idea of combining visual and physical comfort together. Its shape is designed to create visual appeal and convey comfort through ergonomics. Another goal was to stand out from the others and create a piece of furniture that would evoke emotion and interest.

Thank you to CLAUDIO BELLINI for taking the time to explore their history, creative process and inspiration behind Cavo.