Correct Posture Month 05/11/2022

Did you know that May is Correct Posture Month and that having good posture is linked to numerous health benefits? And who doesn’t want to be healthy or stronger? So, besides doing what mom always said, “sit up straight,” where should you begin?

For starters, let’s look at your task chair. Does it promote erect posture? It should gently tilt the hips forward and support the lumbar spine. Armrests should be adjustable to align the forearms. Footrests or a bar should help keep the feet parked instead of kicking out, and height adjustability is a given. If you’re ready to specify a chair that checks all the boxes for ergonomics and takes a truly unique design approach, consider the HÅG Capisco from 9to5 Seating. Renowned product designer, Peter Opsvik, created a fresh take on traditional design with this office chair, and it delivers!


What else can you do after choosing a great task chair for better posture? Let’s start with the problem. Americans spend approximately 13 hours sitting each day. That’s a ton of time in office chairs! So, if you’re going to be sitting between four and eight hours each workday at the office, it makes sense to invest in an office chair that offers excellent ergonomics and naturally promotes better posture.

But what exactly is perfect posture? Trick question! First, according to the experts at, there’s no such thing as perfect posture. It’s all about good posture, which comes down to moving, sleeping, exercising, and balancing your body. Let’s start with the basics and then dive deeper.


Tips for good posture at the office:
  1. Feet should be flat on the floor or using a footrest

2. Keep your shoulders relaxed with elbows at a 90-degree angle

3. Your keyboard should be at the same level as your elbows

3. A task chair that supports the lumbar spine is critical

4. Remember to take a 5-minute break every 30 minutes, stretch and walk around

So, whether you work in an open office, private space, lab, classroom environment, or just about anywhere else, if you sit at any point in the workday, the above tips can help improve your posture as well as a great task chair from 9to5 Seating. If the HÅG Capisco is a bit too progressive for your needs, consider Sol. It’s a timeless office chair with pivot back technology for torso rotation, side to side movement, adjustable lumbar support, a seat slider, and 6-way adjustable arms. The ergonomics on this chair were made for active seating. It’s no wonder that Sol is an award-winning chair, with accolades from Good Design and HiP.

With the basics in place, let’s go deeper on the topic of good posture. As it turns out, strength and regular movement are critical to maintaining good posture. The human body is designed to move around. For those who spend most of the workweek sitting, a strong core and regular stretching are even more important for good health. Unused muscles atrophy over time which contributes to body pain and poor posture. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, half of the computer users have posture-related back pain.

Start at home with a great night sleep and a supportive mattress. Try a pillow between your knees to provide pelvic support if you’re a side sleeper. For back sleepers, a contoured pillow helps promote easier breathing. Next, make sure your shoes are not worn out. Check the soles for even wear as well. Choose footwear that is supportive and comfortable.

At work, sit upright by holding your head up, over your shoulders, and your shoulders over the pelvis. Raise your monitor to eye level to prevent neck strain by looking up or down. Last, consider a sit/stand desk to help promote movement and standing throughout the day.

With a great night’s sleep, exercise, a great office chair, and these tips, you can improve your posture and overall health. Want to go even deeper? Check out this free posture app called Posture Zone. Use these tips for better posture all month and throughout the year.