Textile Trends

The commercial furniture industry continues to rebound after COVID-19, but instead of just going back to “business as usual,” many in the industry are pushing on the boundaries and helping move forward faster with innovative new products, finishes and features. Here’s a look at several textile trends we noticed at NeoCon 2022.


It’s everywhere and popping! At NeoCon, we observed a wide range of colors. Everything from bright, bold, and beautiful to more earthy and muted. In past years we tended to see a certain palette or range of color as “the” theme at NeoCon. For now, it appears to be a “wild wild West” mentality, where the more color, the better, and the more range, the better. The additional layer to this trend is that manufacturers offer more customization than ever. From UV printing to custom powder-coating and finishes, personalization of color spec is a growing trend.

Visitors may have noticed this trend in various showrooms like the 9to5 Seating showroom, whose bright, bold colors represent the sunrise and sunset of a workday. Other showrooms like Hightower went with their signature muted pastels, while Bernhardt chose the minimal white gallery showcase with pops of color added by a colored light treatment.

Performance Fabrics

This is a really interesting trend that is making its way across all industries regarding fabrics. Clothing companies like The North Face and Patagonia have long since embraced the utility of performance fabrics because they are durable, washable, and waterproof, just to name a few features. For the last few decades, auto manufacturers have been slowly phasing in performance “pleather” that looks and feels like leather but performs at an even higher level. Mainstream brands like Lululemon and Levi’s have been weaving performance fabrics into everyday clothing like jeans and work pants. The furniture industry has taken notice as well.

9to5 Seating just introduced a new Ultrafabrics textile collection, Impress the Senses, offering performance, safety, and design in one bundle. These patterns are bleach-cleanable, meet the SCS Gold Certification, and pass a minimum 250,000 double rub test. Looking for more performance collections from 9to5 Seating? Check out the 9to5 Seating Nautilus and Momentum Performance fabric cards which many of their patterns offer bleach cleanability and anti-microbial capabilities.

Define Your Own Space

Another trend we noticed is textiles with a more luxurious feel – velvets, smooth felts, and more comfortable materials. This is a trend that started before COVID and has become turbo-charged. Many employers are rethinking their spaces as they attempt to accommodate employee demands to blend WFH with work from the office. Flexible spaces, lounges, pods, nooks and just about every other imaginable type of “non-traditional” workstation can be found now in the marketplace. Comfort, cocooning and creating a more “homey” space require more snuggly textiles.  The office shouldn’t look like home, but it should have some design hints and a feel that is a reminder of the comforts of home.

With this new trend, 9to5 Seating continues to add new graded-in partners to their list to accommodate the demand from designers for more “comfy” and “luxurious feel” options. Check out all the graded-in options here. 

Textiles and color create a great opportunity for both specifiers and manufacturers to rethink what a productive space should look and feel like. What helps employees feel comfortable, focused, and productive? What type of desks and seating are the most important, given the movement around open and evolving offices? Textiles and the tactile feel of a space are vitally important as the return to the office continues. Customization will  continue to play into these evolving trends as manufacturers embrace personalization and flexibility.

NeoCon Interior Design Trends

It was great to return to theMART for this year’s NeoCon. It’s a great time to show off the newest and upcoming products and also check out the interior design trends that are dominating the industry.  We’ve put together a few observations and created a summary of interior design trends we noticed at NeoCon.

  1. The Work-From-Home Movement

Work from home was generally considered a perk, and slowly trending up before COVID, and now it’s an expectation that has exploded across industries. According to Pew Research, 61% of those with a workplace out of the home are choosing not to go into their workplace. The interior design industry is responding by accommodating this new hybrid work mentality and providing small collaboration spaces for those required to come in a few days a week. This is usually when in-person meetings occur in order to best utilize this face-to-face time.

This year, 9to5 Seating highlighted a new product that fits into a collaboration space and private space. The new fully upholstered Ellie offers a playful design for those short meetings when a team needs to brainstorm, lean back and let the creative juices flow. It also offers ergonomic comfort for long sits in those private breakaway spaces when you need to put your head down and just get through something.

Pictured: Ellie
2. Breakaway Spaces

This is another trend that’s been developing over the last few years. Space planners and designers realize that employees don’t want to work at the same spot or in the same manner all day long. For those in private cubicles there need to be small collaboration spaces. But, for those in open offices, there need to be private areas to break free from the noise and clutter.  Numerous research shows that productivity actually increases by moving around, collaborating in different places besides your workstation, and taking breaks throughout the day.

Manufacturers continue to step up and deliver unique private spaces and thoughtfully designed furniture to promote mental health breaks.

We’ve found many interior designers specify the Omnia chair for those offices that require a chair to move from a workstation to a private breakout space. Its light frame allows for easy mobility while its sturdy mesh provides all-day comfort.

Pictured: Omnia
3. Piece of Home

We saw several beautiful and innovative products that are helping bridge the gap between the comforts of home and the functionality of the office. 9to5 Seating has a range of soft seating and lounge chairs that are comfy and offer the “resi-mercial” look and feel.

The Jax and Lilly lounge series come in a variety of models that bring comfort and style to any private office, conference room or breakout space.  These stylish options are so comfy they will almost make you forget you’re at work – perfect for those who are still adjusting to being back in the office. These chairs are customizable with endless fabric and finish options.

Pictured: Lilly Rocker
Pictured: Jax lounge
Pictured: Jax Side
4. Biophilia

This one ties to the resi-mercial theme, but it was also so prominent that it deserves a separate mention. Manufacturers are embracing the nature theme everywhere possible. From potted plants embedded in shelving systems to entire green walls and dedicated planters as space division, the trend for green was strong all across NeoCon this year.


We can’t wait to see these trends continue to thrive and evolve over these few months. And we look forward to seeing what next year’s NeoCon will bring.


NeoCon 2022 Recap

What a fantastic return to NeoCon! We enjoyed seeing everyone back at theMART this year. It was a fantastic turnout and the buzz around the 9to5 Seating showroom and products was electrifying.

This year, more visitors were able to experience the new showroom we moved into in 2021. The larger showroom (Ste. 1095) allows 9to5 Seating to display our growing portfolio of award-winning products and host our very popular Monday night Sips + Seating party. Last year’s Sips + Seating party was great, but this year was a knockout! What a turnout this year! Check out the photos from the party below.

Also, this year, 9to5 Seating added two new murals to the showroom – one facing the hallway and one facing the inside of the showroom. The mural elegantly brings together the color palette of the entire showroom. We were honored to have Liz Flores, a talented Chicago local, breathe more life into the 9to5 Seating space. If you look carefully, you can see the outline of the HÅG Capisco and Lilly chairs. This beautiful new addition to the showroom, along with the new products really speaks to this year’s NeoCon tagline: “Design Makes a Statement.”

In addition to the updated showroom space, 9to5 Seating received the Interior Design Magazine’s HiP Honoree Award for the HÅG SoFi (launching this Fall). You can learn more about the HÅG SoFi and more new product updates at 9to5seating.com/neocon.

9to5 Seating continued our traditional NeoCon Chair Giveaway Contest and gave away two chairs to two lucky winners! The requirement was to take a photo in the showroom, tag “9to5 Seating” and post on their social for a chance to win. You can check out the fun social media posts here.

Check out a virtual tour of the updated showroom here.


NeoCon 2021 Recap

9to5 Seating had a great NeoCon this year! Despite the lower attendance for the show overall, the buzz over 9to5 Seating at this year’s show was electric.

This year, 9to5 Seating moved to a new and larger showroom (Ste. 1095) reflecting our growth, passion and values that continue to drive us. The larger space allows 9to5 Seating to display our broad portfolio of products as well as entertain and host events, like our Monday night Sips + Seating party!

Also, this year, 9to5 Seating won two prestigious product design awards for the HÅG Capisco: the Interior Design Magazine’s HiP Award and Metropolis Magazine’s MetropolisLikes x NeoCon award. 9to5 Seating is proud to receive these two distinguished awards and will continue to add more high design products to our portfolio, like Jax, Kip, Mila and Sol.

For a virtual tour of the new showroom, click the image below. Remember to roll over the hot spots to learn more about each of the products in our showroom.

Check out more photos from the new showroom and Monday’s Sips+Seating party.

Also, a huge thank you to our staff, operations team, factory teams, Bear Construction and Kuchar Studio for pulling this showroom together!



Pictured from left to right: HÅG Capisco, Vox, Sol, Mila
Pictured: Vox
Pictured from left to right: Luna Side and Luna
Pictured: HÅG Capisco Puls

Pictured: Sophie series
Pictured: Luna series
Pictured: Jax series
Pictured: Lilly lounge series and Offect Carry On ottoman
Pictured: Ellie Pro
Pictured from left to right: Vault, Cydia, Kelley and Kip
Pictured: Lilly counter height stool
Pictured: Clary, Neo Lite and Neo
Pictured: Sol and HÅG Capisco Puls


HÅG Capisco Wins Two Distinguished Design Awards

9to5 Seating is honored to announce two more prestigious awards for the innovative seating product, HÅG Capisco—the Interior Design’s HiP award and the MetroposLikes from Metropolis magazine. Both honors were announced at NeoCon 2021, to recognize the very best in pioneering design.

HÅG Capisco’s unique ergonomic design has made the chair an international award winner for decades. The HÅG Capisco allows for self-directed comfort, encouraging movement and natural repositioning with supportive treaded foot plates on the base. Designed with a curved seat to promote organic upright positioning, it strikes a perfect natural angle to extend the spine and opens the chest, for comfort and beating fatigue.

Interior Design’s HiP award recognizes innovative products and highlights achievement in product design. MetropolisLikes from Metropolis magazine spotlights groundbreaking design from around the world.

“We are proud to receive the prestigious HiP and MetropolisLikes awards for the HÅG Capisco. These awards exemplify 9to5 Seating’s continued commitment to providing high design products.” said Dara Mir, President and CEO of 9to5 Seating. “We can’t wait to reveal the new products we have planned for our portfolio.”


New Products and New Look at NeoCon

9to5 Seating will be returning to NeoCon in person this year. The seating leader plans to unveil a new showroom that reflects the approach to their award-winning product design: inspiring design, versatile, flexible and comfortable.

9to5 Seating’s new showroom was created by acclaimed Chicago design firm Kuchar Design Studio with the goal of creating a clean, “gallery” feel that can be embellished and modified over time. With curved platforms and rugs in natural shapes, the space aims to be both modern and inviting, in synch with the brand’s seating.

The new space uniquely expresses 9to5 Seating’s design direction, where products can be used for different purposes throughout the course of a day. According to Sarah Kuchar, owner and creative director of Kuchar Design Studio, “the flow of color through the space – a nod to the brand’s name – was inspired by daylight from morning to night, moving from warm tones to cool and back to warm just as the sun rises and sets.” Vignettes with tinted glass backdrops create a sense of the changing light of a day. Throughout the showroom, this motif of morning-to-night serves as a backdrop to task, conference and lounge seating.

“We’re excited to unveil our new showroom and showcase some versatile design touches this year in the return to NeoCon,” said Dara Mir, President and CEO of 9to5 Seating. “The new space allows us to highlight the design-centric offerings including the HÅG Capisco, Vox and Dash multi-purpose series, new wood leg bases options for the Lilly and Jax collections and the award-winning Sol, Mila and Jax lounge series.”

Visit 9to5 Seating at NeoCon in suite 10-95 to see the new showroom and product updates. Also, mark your calendars and come party in the new showroom Monday, Oct 4, 4 p.m. RSVP with your 9to5 Seating Representative.

For more information stay tuned via our social media: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter.

2019 NeoCon Recap

What a show! NeoCon 2019 was a record breaking year for 9to5 Seating. We want to thank everyone who visited the showroom and celebrated our 15 year anniversary with us during our Sips + Seating party. We, also, want to thank our staff for all their hard work that made NeoCon possible.

Did you get a chance to visit our showroom and explore our new products, like our Omnia and Mila? How about our new Breeze fabric program? If not, not a problem! Check out the photos below for a look at our showroom and from our Sips + Seating party. Go to our Facebook page for full albums of our showroom and from our party. Also, you can take a virtual tour of our showroom by clicking the play button below:

Introducing Omnia

Artistic. Simple. Beautiful.

Each one of Omnia’s sculpted lines and curves is deliberate, from the smooth, easy-to-hold pull handle to the rounded waterfall edge seat.  Its airy, easy design also boasts cleverly hidden controls that deliver personalized comfort.

BEAUTIFULLY SIMPLE. Inspired by nature, Omnia’s frame is organic and minimalist.  The one-piece mesh seat and back enhances its graceful, sweeping lines.

ANYWHERE & EVERYWHERE. Omnia fits in any workspace – collaborative areas, conference rooms, touchdown spaces, open environments, and beyond.

DESIGNED TO FIT YOUR MOVEMENT. Sit up straight…or not.  Shift, tilt, and face left or right.  Whatever your favorite posture is, Omnia supports it.

EFFORTLESS COMFORT. It’s never been easier to adjust your chair.  Omnia’s intuitive integrated controls are at your fingertips. Tilt back, lock it upright, move up or down, all at the flick of a lever.

ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT. Omnia’s featherweight frame allows you to move it around freely.

See Omnia on display at NeoCon in our showroom #10-109.


See you at NeoCon

This year’s NeoCon is extra special for 9to5 Seating. This year, we are celebrating our 15th anniversary. This fifteen year mark encourages us to reflect on how far we have come, and how we will continue to grow into the future. We have reflected on our products, our customers, our staff, our production process, every aspect of our company from top down, and we make strides to improve every day.

At this year’s NeoCon, we are excited to reveal new high design products, like the Omnia. Omnia’s lightweight and unique one-piece mesh back and seat frame is sure to inspire.  Its integrated mechanism is something you’ll have to come and see! We will, also, be launching our new Breeze fabric program with over 80 new colorways. Come see us on the 10th floor, Ste. #109.

Also, we will be celebrating our 15th anniversary at our Sips+Seating party on Monday, June 10, 2019, 3-6 p.m. We hope you’ll join us at Ste. #109 on the 10th floor, for some drinks, food and an exclusive gift. This is open to the public and all are welcome!

This year, we have also brought back our popular chair giveaway photo contest. Click here to learn more.

We look forward to seeing you at NeoCon and celebrating our 15th anniversary with you! See you June 10-12, #10-109.