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Our lounge landing page features our Ellie, Lilly, and Jax lounge series, all offering exceptional comfort, durability, and design. Whether you’re looking for a classic, streamlined look or a more modern and edgy feel, our lounge series has something for everyone.

The Ellie lounge series is the perfect blend of elegance and comfort. With its clean lines and inviting curves, Ellie offers a sophisticated and inviting seating option for any lounge space. Its contoured seat and back provide ergonomic support, while its plush cushioning ensures ultimate comfort.

The Lilly lounge series is a great option for a more modern look. Its sleek and angular design will make a statement in any lounge space. Lilly’s unique backrest provides a stylish and comfortable seating experience, while its sturdy construction ensures lasting durability.

Finally, the Jax lounge series offers a versatile and customizable seating solution. With a range of upholstery options and models, Jax can be tailored to suit any design scheme. Its deep seat and plush cushioning make it a comfortable option for casual and formal lounge spaces.

So if you’re looking for design-forward and comfortable lounge seating, look no further than 9to5 Seating’s lounge landing page. With our Ellie, Lilly, and Jax lounge series, you will surely find the perfect seating solution for your space. Visit www.9to5seating.com/lounge today to browse our selection!

Learn How This Beauty Wellness Company Builds Team and Brand

Behind the Scenes with Hairtamin

The HAIRtamin co-founders share their entrepreneur story and how office furniture helps build the team. 


HAIRtamin is a beauty wellness brand that focuses on creating clean and effective plant-based products to support women’s lifelong beauty and wellness needs built by influencer and entrepreneur powerhouses Leyla Milani Khoshbin and Lilly Ghalichi Mir.

Going behind the scenes, we visit Leyla and Lilly at their glamorous office where they share their focus on collaboration in everything they do, from building and managing their team to designing their workspace.

Leyla and Lilly, tell us about the mission of HAIRtamin and the heart of what drives the concept.

HAIRtamin is a beauty wellness brand for women- by women- that focuses on creating clean and effective products that support a woman’s lifelong beauty and wellness needs. We pride ourselves in efficacious and honest plant-based products that are comprehensive and include everything you need for optimal results. We’ve left out fillers, binders, artificial colors, and ingredients that make it faster and cheaper to manufacture.

What makes HAIRtamin different from other hair vitamins on the market? How does HAIRtamin stand apart? What is notable about its ingredients?

HAIRtamin is an award-winning authority in the clean beauty wellness space. We are female-founded & minority-owned, with a mission to support a woman’s wellness journey and beauty needs throughout her life.

Our ingredients are always certified cruelty-free by PETA, thoughtfully sourced, and science-backed. We incorporate the highest quality ingredients for an authentic, 360° holistic approach to hair wellness, including clinical strength Biotin, Turmeric, Selenium, Rosemary, Zinc, Saffron, and more.

Unlike other supplement brands on the market, we pride ourselves on developing truly clean and effective formulas that are free of anything artificial. That means you’ll never find any binders, fillers, additives, preservatives, or anything else that would make the manufacturing process faster or drive the cost of the product down. If it doesn’t directly improve the quality and bioavailability of our products, it doesn’t get included in our formulas.

As founders with followings, we are also the face and hair of the brand and stand behind all of our products with a full, no questions asked, 100% money-back guarantee. That means you can try any of our products for any period of time, and if you’re not personally satisfied with your results for ANY reason or can’t commit to the process, you can send back your bottles – even if they are completely empty – for a FULL refund. That’s how confident we are in our products and what they can do.

What is the inspiration behind Hairtamin? Or what motivated you to create HAIRtamin?

HAIRtamin truly started as a conversation between two women seeking answers for themselves. Like millions of other women, Leyla and I both suffered from hair loss. Leyla had just had her second baby and was experiencing severe postpartum hair loss. I, on the other hand, had literal bald spots from the overuse of extensions. We visited doctors and nutritionists, spoke to friends, and at the end of our research, we ended up with six different brands we needed to take to get everything recommended to help with hair loss and re-growing healthy hair. One was six pills a day, another was four pills a day, and one was a powder – it was not only completely unrealistic to take so many pills a day, but it was also very expensive. A one-month supply cost us over $600! Leyla and I were so frustrated and thought there had to be a better way to address hair loss – something that was easy to take (one pill a day!), effective (everything you truly need for optimal hair growth), and clean (no additives, filler, binders or artificial ingredients). Since it didn’t exist, we decided to make it! We hired a team of doctors, nutritionists, and pharmacists, and together, they synergistically worked to create “Advance Formula,” and HAIRtamin was born.

Today, HAIRtamin is one of the largest, most recognizable beauty wellness brands in the World, with over 7 million social media followers between the founders and the brand, selling in over 160 countries globally with millions of bottles sold to date. Our products and award-winning brand have been featured in some of the most prestigious publications, including Forbes, Allure, Harper’s Bazaar, New Beauty and Bloomberg News.

When building the brand, what aesthetic or design elements guided you in making your brand? What is the aesthetic or essence of HAIRtamin?

The aesthetic of HAIRtamin was driven by beauty. When Leyla and I envisioned the brand, we immediately thought of what we felt drives a lot of “beauty”….Hollywood! Our “HAIRtamin” Gold Star is heavily inspired by that Hollywood Glamour feel, and we choose the rich color of red as our primary brand color for the same red carpet glamour aesthetic. Our goal with all our products is to help women look and feel as beautiful as possible.

When building a team and office space, were there any fundamental philosophies you focused on? How did you translate your aesthetic into physical space?

Our central philosophy has always been “collaboration.” We model this in everything we do, from building and managing our team to designing our workspaces. We have strategically placed our team members near one another to foster collaboration to allow for more collaborative working relationships.

Where can we purchase HAIRtamin products be purchased?

Today, HAIRtamin is available at HAIRtamin.com, and Amazon.com and can be found at some of the largest, most recognizable retailers across the World, including all ULTA Beauty Stores, CVS, and Bed Bath & Beyond in the United States. Globally, HAIRtamin is carried at Harrod’s and BeautyBay.com in the UK, London Drugs stores across Canada, Purish.com in Germany, and via many distribution points across the Middle East, South Africa, Australia and more.

It seems HAIRtamin speaks to more than supplements; what are HAIRtamin’s plans to grow into a wellness brand that you can share with us?

The backbone of our brand will always be our supplements, but our customer looks to us for all their beauty wellness needs, not just in supplements but also in hair care. Therefore we have developed incredible products such as a dry shampoo that offers hair growth benefits, a hair mask that helps boost follicles and encourages hair growth, as well as expanding our supplement range into other areas of beauty such as skin, nails, and even targeting greying.

Your team uses the Sol Chair by 9to5 Seating. How does it fit with your work, and what qualities/attributes do you like best?

The Sol chairs have been a great addition to our office. The stylish design and exceptional comfort give these chairs an edge over others we’ve used. Aesthetically, we were able to customize the color to fit our office and branding perfectly. Functionally, they allow us to be as productive as possible at the office by allowing us to work in comfort.

How do the Sol and the Clary guest chairs enhance your workday experience?

The Sol and Clary guest chairs offer an elegance you don’t see in regular office chairs. They also enable us to work longer at our desks without taking standing breaks since they provide so much support. Our entire team appreciates both the aesthetic and comfort of these chairs.

And, to close, as entrepreneurs, do you have any advice for startups or people just starting? Do you have a takeaway from your journey with HAIRtamin you could share?

My biggest advice to entrepreneurs is to GO FOR IT!! So many bright minds have brilliant ideas but never actually go for them. Chances are, if you need it, want it, and are passionate about it- so will tons of other people. You’ll never know your potential unless you GO FOR IT. There’s never a “good time” to wait; the best time is now.

Side Wood Base Now Available

The award-winning Jax and Lilly Collections from 9to5 Seating are expanding with more wood leg options for side models. The side model  with wood base creates a full wood base collection for Jax and Lilly.

Jax Side Wood Base

The Lilly Collection adds modern vibes to workspaces and lounges with its mid-century lines. The Jax Collection provides edgier contemporary lines and design to elevate any workspace. The new wood bases add warmth with rich, solid, high-quality wood and maple or walnut finishes.

Lilly Side Wood Base

Jax side wood base model starts at $1,725 list. Lilly side wood base model starts at $1,625. For a demo, reach out to your 9to5 Seating Rep.

Why Aesthetics in the Office Matter

In nature, bees work in a symbiotic relationship with flowers. Bees pollinate the plants and in exchange, collect pollen for the betterment of the hive. A bee hive is the model of efficiency with defined roles for each member of the colony. A flower is the model of decoration with its only goal to attract pollinators to the plant using color, scent and shape to aid in its propagation.

The modern office is a blend of both — it must have the efficiency of a bee hive to ensure productivity remains high, but it also needs the beauty of a flower to attract workers and provide a space where they feel safe, happy and engaged.

Aesthetics and design matter in the workplace. But it’s about much more than window dressing. The right office design can help companies attract and retain employees, create a memorable and powerful corporate identity, improve productivity and boost the bottom line.

Here’s how:

Create a Dynamic Corporate Identity

To create a powerful corporate identity and culture, it takes more than splashing a few logos around the office. The design of the office is important, but it takes planning and the proper execution.

When done properly, creating a dynamic corporate identity can help boost employee innovation, creativity and productivity and reinforce a strong sense of pride in the workplace. Visitors notice strong corporate branding immediately and if they like it, they can become brand champions. A good workplace attracts good customers.

Jax from 9to5 Seating is a perfect example of how furniture can help build a strong corporate identity. A complete lounge collection, Jax exudes both sophistication and playfulness, a sense of style and assuredness. Jax was designed for lobby and reception areas along with cafe and collaboration settings.

Pictured: Jax side

The high-back version of Jax has a wing back for privacy and focus, excellent for creating a company culture that is serious, but gives workers a choice in how they would like to work. Both the high-back and mid-back models feature arms that are an extension of the seat and allow you to get comfortable. Jax side includes multiple bases for a variety of different applications. 9to5 Seating gives its customers many options when it comes to Jax. By simply changing the base, customers can design their own corporate identity. For example, the aluminum swivel option creates a feeling of richness and style while the steel four-leg version matched with a bright, colorful fabric is more playful and fun.

Improve Productivity and Boost the Bottom Line

The look and feel of the office can help improve productivity and create a welcoming space for both workers and customers. But to capture that productivity, workers need the right tools.

Workers spend about a third of their lives in the office. If the office is poorly designed, productivity suffers. On the other hand, if workers feel like they are in a safe, comfortable, smartly designed office that they enjoy coming to, they will reward their employers.

An ergonomic task chair is a critical consideration for any office that wants to improve productivity. It is one of the most important work tools any employer can provide to its workers.

Not all task chairs are created equally. Most important is choosing a chair designed with ergonomics in mind, easy to adjust and comfortable for long or short work sessions. Next, find a task chair that looks good and fits into the overall look and feel of the office.

Cydia and Neo Lite are two seating solutions from 9to5 Seating that prove you can find office seating that works hard and looks great.

Cydia is a full seating family whose design was inspired by the shape of a butterfly’s wings. The graceful design is carried through every part of the chair. It is perfect for those less formal workspaces yet still provides excellent ergonomic support and long-term comfort. The expansive Cydia family includes task, stool, side, conference and executive seating. Cydia comes in both mesh or upholstered back options and is available in six different mesh colors and a black or gray and white frame to fit any office palette. It comes in two sizes — high-back  for serious work and a mid-back model for a lighter look and feel. Complete Cydia with either fixed-loop or six-way adjustable arms, depending on the setting.

Pictured: Cydia Mesh

Neo Lite features a sleek, contemporary design at a fantastic price. It is “lite” in scale but is comfortable in every way. Neo Lite uses a saddle-style molded foam seat designed for comfort. It comes standard with height adjustable lumbar. Simply lean forward, slide the tabs up or down on the back, and enjoy the back support tailored just for you. Choose a white, graphite gray, or black frame with a matching breathable mesh back.

Pictured: Neo Lite

Attract and Retain Employees

According to Gensler’s most recent U.S. Workplace Survey, workers in the wake of the pandemic are looking for something different when they return to the office. They became used to their living room acting as their office and going forward, they expect the office to look more like their living room.

Furniture must be flexible, comfortable and inviting. Over time, the discomfort can lead to fatigue and eventually dissatisfaction in the workplace. Dissatisfaction can turn into reconsidering one’s place of employment and eventual resignation.

Office aesthetics are about more than just how an office looks. The right collection of seating products like the Lilly from 9to5 Seating positively impacts the workplace and helps keep workers focused and happy. And when workers are excited about coming into the office, it reflects on the quality of their work and creates fans, not just employees.

Lilly, a collection of seating includes lounge, side and stool options. Lilly’s elegant, sophisticated design and beautiful lines make it the perfect choice for creating a space that works hard and looks great. Lilly works well across the office and thrives as a lounge chair, light task or conference room seat, sophisticated side chair or even as a stool that can be used in casual offices to meet around a tall table or in a stylish cafe or hospitality setting.

Pictured: Lilly side

More than just Good Looks

Design and aesthetics mean more than just making an office look pretty. Of course, creating an attractive office is important, but the design means a lot more than how an office is decorated. Great offices are spaces where workers feel important, supported and proud of their workplaces.

When it all comes together, a high-performance office can help companies attract and retain employees, create a memorable and powerful corporate identity, improve productivity and boost the bottom line. When aesthetics and design come together, offices function like bees and flowers: They work together to create something much more than they ever could on their own.

Creativity Happens “In Between”


What could the Beatles and office chairs have in common? The recent documentary series “The Beatles: Get Back,” directed and produced by Peter Jackson, covers the making of the Beatles’ 1970 album “Let It Be.” The documentary is an eye-opening look at how creativity comes together to spawn one of the greatest rock and roll albums ever made.

It is a good example of how creativity can happen even when we are not working. The documentary proves that most of the genius that comes through in the Beatles album happens between recording sessions when the group is simply hanging around together, noodling on their instruments and talking about riffs they have come up with and fragments of songs they have written.

If creativity and collaboration can happen outside of work, then imagine what could happen when employees are sitting in their office chairs during work hours. Creativity in the office often happens naturally, but it can certainly be increased and improved through workplace design and the right mix of office furniture.

People around the world rank team building as the most important attribute of great workplaces, according to a recent workplace survey by the design firm Gensler. In Germany, which is dominated by shared and group offices, workers are asking for more open, collaborative spaces. Gensler’s Germany Workplace Survey found that three-quarters (74%) of respondents work in an enclosed office, but over half (61%) would prefer a more open work environment.

Collaboration Matters

Designers are thoughtfully creating more opportunities for workers to collaborate by rethinking meeting spaces and turning them into less formal rooms and touchdown areas. Touchdown areas are for more casual work, often unscheduled. Still, these areas need the right tools that can support collaboration.

9to5 Seating’s Mila office chair is a good choice for a multi-use conference room. The chair can be dressed up in its upholstered version or used more casually in mesh.

Pictured: Mila Fully Upholstered

With its integrated, intuitive controls, Omnia is a great choice for collaborative work as well. A light-scale mesh office chair, Omnia can be specified for work, conference or as a stool and it doesn’t have to be adjusted by the user, making it perfect for these important shared spaces. The Cydia mesh chair comes in a variety of styles including task, stool and side versions making the collection extremely flexible for spaces where collaboration matters.

Pictured: Omnia

Organized Teamwork

As the pandemic subsides and workers return to the office, organizations will want team members to reconnect and engage more frequently in less formal spaces. This organized teamwork brings together workers to make better decisions, thereby strengthening the work process and end product. Multiple studies have shown that collaboration increases employee engagement, creates stronger teams and ultimately improves the bottom line of the companies that encourage it.

If you don’t have them already, think about creating touchdown or team rooms for casual and collaborative meetings. Use 9to5 Seating products like Cydia Mesh, Mila and Omnia with lounge products from the Jax and Lilly collections to create spaces where these office chairs can be easily placed around a table with few adjustments needed to create a comfortable sit, mixed with some lounge products for more casual work.

Pictured: Lilly side with rocker base

The Jax Collection goes perfectly with 9to5 Seating’s collection of high-performance seating products. Jax is a complete lounge line and is available in high-back, mid-back and side options. When blended with other 9to5 Seating products, the lounge collection can be used to create an oasis in the office — small collaborative areas where teams can gather for work or socializing. The Lilly collection with its lounge and side seating, also has counter stools for café use, dining and collaborative spaces.

Pictured: Jax side

By bringing together products like those mentioned above, companies can push their offices into the future. Strategies like creating activity-based workplaces (ABWs) and neighborhood-based choice environments (NCEs) can create collaborative work zones in the office while giving employees a number of options when it comes to how and where they want to work.

Of course, one person’s interaction can be another person’s distraction. It is important for companies to work with designers to make sure the collaborative spaces aren’t compromising quiet, “heads-down” work, and ultimately employee productivity. Like all high-performing offices, the right blend of individual focus work and collaboration space is needed.


Meaningful Collaboration

The pandemic forced people to work from home and collaboration suffered. Even though hybrid work — a blend of working from home and in the office — is likely to continue in some form even as the pandemic recedes, the office will remain critically important, especially when it comes to meaningful collaboration. Being in-person with other people is among the top reasons to come into the office, according to a Gensler study. Working in-person with my team/colleagues was universally ranked as the #1 reason in a Gensler Research Institute report, while socializing with colleagues, being part of the community, or impromptu face-to-face connections also ranked high. In particular, respondents reported that the office excels at supporting collaboration, awareness, problem-solving and inclusive communication.

Finding the right balance between work from home and in-person work and heads-down and collaborative work is ultimately a management decision, supported by space and furniture like the products from 9to5 Seating, but even the most introverted worker understands that collaboration — that productive interaction found in abundance in the office — is key to unlocking creativity.

Download a copy of this feature article here.

New Wood Rocker

The popular Lilly and Jax collections are expanding to include a contemporary rocker base. This option from 9to5 Seating is in synch with the latest trends of workplace design where hybrid spaces are in high demand. It’s essential to worker happiness—and retention—that workplaces be outfitted for a variety of purposes. A room that serves collaboration in the morning may become a breakout room or focused workspace in the afternoon, and the Lilly and Jax rocker base option enable that kind of design flexibility.  The rocker base option is also aligned with the market trend in active seating, promoting movement and engagement—proven to increase productivity.

The new model is designed to deliver motion in the Lilly and Jax collections, making it appealing to new spaces that go beyond the office. The rocker base complements both lines creating a casual, relaxed and inviting environment for guest, breakout and lounge spaces.

The rocker base is now available for the Lilly and Jax collections.

Best-Selling Lilly Collection Expands with New Counter Stool

9to5 Seating is expanding its popular Lilly collection with the addition of a high-design counter stool for café, dining and collaborative spaces.

The new counter stool with a 24” seat height comes with a black or silver wire frame with foot rest for design simplicity. Available in in fabric, vinyl or leather with stitching detail, the new Lilly stool is made for a variety of applications. The new stool features a molded foam seat for comfort and optional glides for various floor surfaces.

The new addition marks an expansion of the stool options for the best-selling Lilly collection of lounge and side seating.

“What makes our Lilly collection so popular is the versatility combined with elegant design,” said Dara Mir, President and CEO of 9to5 Seating. “The new 24-inch counter stool is a natural expansion of the collection following the huge success of the bar stool model launched last year.”

The new counter-height stool starts at $605 List, is certified BIFMA LEVEL 1, GREENGUARD Gold certified and warranted to 300 lbs. Learn more about the new Lilly counter stool here.

Lilly and Luna win ADEX Platinum

The Lilly lounge and Luna task seating each captured an ADEX Platinum Award in Contract Furniture – Public Space Seating and Contract Furniture – Task Seating, respectively.

Conducted each year by Design Journal, ADEX (the Awards for Design Excellence), is one of the largest and most prestigious industry recognition programs for design excellence and product innovation. A panel comprised of interior designers, architects, and facility managers selects outstanding products and projects for Platinum, Gold, and Silver Awards.

The classic, sophisticated design of the bestselling Lilly lounge collection makes it an easy fit for any design. The versatility from its multiple base options and lightweight frame make it an ideal fit for collaborative and public spaces.

Luna’s signature polished aluminum accents make a striking visual impression, while its full set of ergonomic features make it a standout task chair. Luna is available with a standard seat slider, multiple controls (including weight balanced and synchro), adjustable 4-way arms, and an adjustable lumbar.

“We are thrilled to receive two ADEX Platinum Awards, especially on the 15th anniversary of 9to5 Seating,” said Dara Mir, President of 9to5 Seating. “Every day, we strive to deliver the highest quality seating at an unparalleled value, and Lilly and Luna are perfect examples of bringing that to life.”

Click here to learn more about Luna and Lilly.

Lilly, Luna and Neo Launches

We are excited to announce the launch of three new chair series to add to our task and lounge collections: Luna, Neo and Lilly.

The Luna and Neo are two additions to the task/work seating category, focusing on function, ergonomics and long-lasting comfort. The Lilly is the second lounge seating collection being introduced by 9to5 Seating. The Lilly focuses on classic sophisticated design and comfort for collaborative and public spaces.

“We listened to our customers and the marketplace and decided to expand our task and lounge collections. Based on our market research, the response to these new series proves that listening to our customers always works,” said Dara Mir, President of 9to5 Seating. “The quality, comfort, ergonomics and high designs make the Luna, Neo and Lilly great additions to our portfolio, but it’s the starting prices that makes them stand out from the competition.”

Luna Key Features:
– Fully loaded ergonomic chair
– Broad back and full seat fits full range of population
– Standard ergonomic features including multiple synchro controls, fixed arms, adjustable 4-way arms and seat slider
– Optional adjustable height lumbar
– Starting price $475, without arms

Neo Key Features:
– Simple, clean design lines
– Standard ergonomic features including multiple synchro controls, fixed arms, adjustable 6-way arms, height adjustable lumbar and seat slider
– Fixed loop arms ideal for meetings available
– Starting price $375, without arms

Lilly Key Features:
– Sophisticated and versatile design ideal for collaborative and public spaces
– Comfortable roomy back
– Lightweight for easy mobility
– Four leg options: 4-leg, W-leg, wood legs and swivel base
– Starting price $1250, 4-leg model

The series will be orderable through the 9to5 Seating contract dealer network, beginning Spring 2018.