Pledging American Ingenuity. Genuine Commitment.

Made in America Seating (MIA) utilizes brand new state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment creating quality office seating for 1,300 furniture dealers in the U.S. MIA Seating, a sister company of 9to5 Seating, is committed to reshoring its office seating manufacturing bringing jobs back to the United States.

Reshoring Initiative

As part of the 9to5 Seating mission, we feel it is our social responsibility to assist in the economic growth of the United States. That is why it is our pledge to help create jobs in the United States with our reshoring efforts.

A majority of office seating manufacturers, throughout the world, purchase components from external suppliers, thereby limiting domestic manufacturing operations to basic upholstery and packaging functions. In a major reshoring effort to bring manufacturing jobs back to the United States, 9to5 Seating opened a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Union City, Tennessee, in 2014. With the hard work ethic of the American workforce, 9to5 Seating brings products closer to their point-of-use, in the United States, and surpass competitors’ products from overseas, all while aiding in the country’s economic growth.