Tori | Innovative New Task Chair

9to5 Seating launches Tori, an innovative new task series that combines performance and innovative design to deliver influence impact—empowering enterprises to express personality and point of view through color and design. Tori’s signature wraparound back design not only makes it impactful from the back or the front, it creates a natural curve for lumbar support with aesthetics—design with a purpose. Created for tasking in private offices, meeting or conference rooms, and work-from-home spaces, Tori has a warm, versatile style with soft curves and an elevated aesthetic.

Tori embodies today’s minimalistic style and comes in a variety of design-conscious options, allowing organizations to use color to differentiate and define distinct spaces. Available as a mid or high-back and mesh back or fully upholstered, Tori’s versatility is a smart choice for outfitting an entire workspace or as a standalone signature seating solution. With multiple frame colors and thousands of fabric options, Tori is easily customizable using the 9to5 Seating Chair Designer.


Tori was imagined by award-winning Italian designer Claudio Bellini, who engages users with comfort and a unique aesthetic that evokes balance. As a designer, Bellini seeks the harmony of beauty and efficiency in all his work, which he believes today’s professional environments demand. This is the second collaboration between 9to5 Seating and the designer. After the success of Bellini-designed Cavo, 9to5 Seating expanded the partnership.

The Tori series delivers exceptional comfort and ergonomics thanks to its unique signature curved back that provides natural designed-in lumbar support with optional adjustable lumbar also available. Tori’s ergonomic features include multiple synchro mechanisms, height-only or 4D arm adjustments, a seat slider, and accessibility options that support a wide range of users. Tori has a 300 lb. rating and offers a heavy-duty option with 350 lb. ratings across multiple shifts.

“We’re excited to introduce an innovative new task series to our portfolio,” says Mark Mannon, VP of Product Development and Marketing, “With Claudio Bellini’s unique design, Tori delivers on style and ergonomics that truly elevates the user experience.”

In keeping with 9to5 Seating’s commitment to sustainability, Tori is BIFMA LEVEL 2 and GREENGUARD GOLD certified.

Check in with your 9to5 Seating Sales Representative for a product demonstration, and start specifying at

Dream Chair Giveaway Winners!

We’re excited to announce the five randomly chosen winners of the Dream Chair Giveaway! Congratulations to Paul Canady, Hannah Calvert, Stephanie Hodson, Sasha Rubert, and Jill Slupe. We will follow up with the winners via email.

Thank you to everyone who used our Chair Designer and sent us their creative entries. So many good ones! Check out the entries from our winners below. We’re also sharing some additional entries that were too unique not to share.

We also noticed a few fan favorites that kept reoccurring in the entries:

Entries from the winners:







Here are some other creative entries:
















More LEVEL 3 Certification for 9to5 Seating Products

9to5 Seating is committed to sustainable and environmentally responsible business practices. This global perspective informs every aspect of its corporate culture, from warehousing to manufacturing to its office facilities to its community.

Aiming to boldly change how furniture designers and manufacturers operate, 9to5 Seating has prioritized environmental responsibility. The manufacturer has earned LEVEL 3 with HÅG SoFi and Ellie, joining HÅG Capisco and HÅG Capisco Puls with the same distinction. LEVEL 3 is the highest product ranking, similar to a platinum ranking in the LEED rating system. Currently, all other 9to5 Seating products have LEVEL 2 certification. To secure LEVEL certification, 9to5 Seating demonstrated that its manufacturing facility and company create “environmentally preferable and socially responsible” furniture that contributes to sustainable building ratings.

9to5 Seating worked with Foresight Management to achieve LEVEL 3 for HÅG SoFi and Ellie. Founded in 2007, Foresight has a proud history of responding to clients’ sustainability needs with innovative service offerings.

9to5 Seating is steadfast in its commitment to its communities and the planet. It works smart, selecting materials carefully so that its products don’t just support the fight against climate change, but become part of the solution.

To learn more about 9to5 Seating’s sustainability story go to

Mir Steps Down as President and CEO of 9to5 Seating

9to5 Seating has announced that CEO and President Dara Mir will be stepping down from his position. Frederik Fogstad, Flokk Senior Vice President, International, will take over as the new CEO, effective April 1, 2023. Mir has decided to focus on his family and new challenges outside of 9to5 Seating.

The transition comes after Mir’s successful tenure, during which he founded and transformed 9to5 Seating into a major player in the office seating industry. Mir will remain involved with 9to5 Seating as part of the supervisory board.

Fogstad brings a wealth of experience to his new position. He has also held senior management positions at some of the world’s most respected furniture companies.

Prior to joining 9to5 Seating, Fogstad held positions in Varier Furniture, Intersport, Kellogg’s, and Coca-Cola.

“As I reflect on my time with 9to5 Seating, I am filled with an immense sense of pride and gratitude for what we have achieved together as a company. I want to express my sincere appreciation to everyone who contributed to the growth of 9to5 Seating,” said Mir. “It has been an honor and a privilege to work alongside such a talented and dedicated team, and I will always cherish the memories and experiences we have shared.”

“I am honored to have been chosen to lead 9to5 Seating,” said Fogstad. “I am excited about the opportunities that lie ahead and am confident that we can continue to build on the company’s success.”

Under Mir’s leadership, 9to5 Seating grew into one of the most respected names in the office seating industry. With a reputation for quality, innovation, and design excellence, the company has won numerous awards and accolades. Flokk acquired 9to5 Seating from the Mir family in 2019, while Dara Mir stayed on as CEO and President supporting the transition of ownership and continued success of 9to5 Seating.

9to5 Seating is poised and committed to delivering the highest quality office seating products to its customers and to maintaining its position as a leader in the industry.

2022 GOOD DESIGN Award Winners

9to5 Seating has been honored with four 2022 GOOD DESIGN® Awards for HÅG SoFiEllieVox, and Dash. Granted by The Chicago Athenaeum in 1950, the prize recognizes innovative industrial, product, and graphic designs worldwide. Four GOOD DESIGN Awards is an unprecedented honor for 9to5 Seating.

Founded in Chicago in 1950 by pioneers Charles and Ray Eames and former MoMA curator Edgar Kaufmann, Jr., GOOD DESIGN spotlights work that has “chartered new directions and pushed the envelope for competitive products in the world marketplace.”

Winning products HÅG SoFi, Ellie, Vox and Dash collectively represent the creative direction 9to5 Seating is taking in design while addressing the needs of the market. The HÅG SoFi combines two market drivers in a single product: clean aesthetics and groundbreaking engineering. The HÅG SoFi provides ventilation and gives a sense of space thanks to its transparency, making it ideal for space planning. Ergonomic features include adjustable seat depth, padded adjustable lumbar, the intuitive HÅG in Balance mechanism, and innovative SlideBack™ armrests that slide back to allow users to get closer to their desks, sit sideways or use the armrests as elbow support.

Pictured: HÅG SoFi

Ellie is a designer’s dream combining task-seating-level ergonomics with plush lounge comfort, merging functionality with an appealing design. With many base and finish options, Ellie in mid-back or high-back complements any workspace from corporate settings to open-concept offices or at-home work.

Pictured: Ellie

Vox and Dash provide contemporary multi-purpose seating solutions for organizations looking for more versatility in their facilities with its unique flex back supporting well-being with multiple flex zones for comfort for every user. Both chairs provide an easily cleanable surface and a variety of models- side, stool and light task and options – all-plastic, upholstered seat, and upholstered back and seat, while Dash’s perforated back delivers breathability.

Pictured: Vox
Pictured: Dash

“Last year, 9to5 Seating received three prestigious GOOD DESIGN Awards and to receive four awards this year is representative of our continued commitment to providing high-design products to the market that are both functional and attainable,” said Dara Mir, President and CEO of 9to5 Seating. “We look forward to providing more innovative products that customers now expect from 9to5 Seating.”

HÅG SoFi, Ellie, Vox and Dash are now available to order. Products can be specified using the 9to5 Seating Chair Designer.


Side Wood Base Now Available

The award-winning Jax and Lilly Collections from 9to5 Seating are expanding with more wood leg options for side models. The side model  with wood base creates a full wood base collection for Jax and Lilly.

Jax Side Wood Base

The Lilly Collection adds modern vibes to workspaces and lounges with its mid-century lines. The Jax Collection provides edgier contemporary lines and design to elevate any workspace. The new wood bases add warmth with rich, solid, high-quality wood and maple or walnut finishes.

Lilly Side Wood Base

Jax side wood base model starts at $1,725 list. Lilly side wood base model starts at $1,625. For a demo, reach out to your 9to5 Seating Rep.

New Stinson Performance Textile Collection Features Woven and Coated Textiles

9to5 Seating launches new textile collection – Fresh Energy – featuring Stinson fabrics and coated textiles to illustrate just how stylish a performance collection can be. The new patterns—with wovens and coated textiles—have durability built in, making them ideal for commercial, healthcare, education and hospitality markets.

Stinson Fresh Energy features a mix of luxurious textures, playful colors and unique patterns in fabrics as well as coated textiles. From geometric repetitions to woven patterns to solids, this collection aims to please a market that is as mindful of design as they are of health and safety. All of the patterns on the card have enhanced soil and stain resistance as well as high abrasion resistance ratings. All patterns are GREENGUARD certified. Many of the patterns are bleach cleanable—perfect for today’s needs. All vinyl choices featured on the card are CFFA-A-Healthcare-201 certified, REACH- and RoHS-compliant and compatible with many disinfectant cleaners.

The new Stinson Fresh Energy textile collection is now available. Reach out to 9to5 Seating Customer Care and order the new fabric card.



Innovative HÅG SoFi Task Chair

9to5 Seating welcomes innovative active seating solution HÅG SoFi to its popular quick ship line @NCE. The HÅG SoFi is a mesh back, ergonomic and highly customizable chair designed for tasking, conference or collaboration spaces.

The HÅG SoFi combines two market drivers in a single product: clean aesthetics and groundbreaking engineering. Available in black or gray mesh, the HÅG SoFi provides ventilation and gives a sense of space thanks to its transparency, making it ideal for space planning. And HÅG SoFi has an innovative mechanism that lets users shift forward or backward, naturally finding balance in motion. This active task chair energizes the user—making HÅG SoFi a smart seating solution for workplaces that prioritize the health and well-being of their workforce.



The HÅG SoFi joins the @NCE series, which guarantees fast—usually 24-hour—shipping. The new chair delivers ergonomics, with several cutting-edge features that don’t often come on a single chair. HÅG SoFi’s ergonomic features include adjustable seat depth, padded adjustable lumbar, the intuitive HÅG in Balance mechanism and innovative SlideBack™ armrests, which slide back to allow users to get closer to their desks, sit sideways or use the armrests as elbow support.

Like all of the HÅG offerings, HÅG SoFi is environmentally responsible. It is made from over 41% recycled material and certified BIFMA LEVEL 2 and GREENGUARD GOLD.

“We’re excited to introduce another high-design product from HÅG,” said Dara Mir, President and CEO of 9to5 Seating. “And combining that with 9to5 Seating’s @NCE line that meets a need for efficiency and flexibility in the marketplace, it was a perfect combination.”

HÅG SoFi starts at $1830 list and is now available. Check in with a 9to5 Seating Sales Representative for a demo.


Ellie Charms Agency

Ellie impresses MG Marketing with its high design, and most importantly, its comfort.

One of the first thoughts that come to mind when you see Ellie from 9to5 Seating is “design.” The unique shape of this office chair gives it a very distinctive look that truly catches your attention. This office chair has a simple form, yet gives off a fun and whimsical energy. The single-molded base is elegant and minimal. For having such a design-oriented aesthetic, this chair is also surprisingly comfortable, and ideal for sit-stand use at a height-adjustable desk. The seat cushion is on the slightly firmer side, which we personally love! Another unique feature – the integrated armrests have just the right amount of flexibility.

When you sit down in Ellie for the first time, one of the things you’ll notice is the amount of back support you are given. For an office chair that looks and feels like a lounge chair, you find a good amount of reinforcement to help promote proper posture at your office desk. There is also a handle to help adjust the height of the chair. But then you discover that if you pull the handle outwards, the unique ability for Ellie to lean backward truly makes this office chair come to life.

Imagine being in a long virtual presentation with Ellie as your companion – You sit upright to be professional, but you’re comfortable as Ellie’s design gives you the support you need. You give all your best efforts in the meeting, and as soon as everyone signs off, you take a deep breath, reach down beside your Ellie, pull the handle out, and lean back as you breathe a sigh of relief and the feeling of accomplishment wash over you.

Now with a design like Ellie, it has to fit in with the vibe of your work environment. Using 9to5 Seating’s Chair Designer tool, which is both free and easy to use, you can design your Ellie office chair with virtually endless options. The Ellie models offer mid-back to high-back options, rolling casters to a stationary wire base, and many more options.

Additionally, one of the unique things about the Ellie design is that you can specify a two-tone option for the upholstery. Two-tone can be tricky, but thanks to 9to5’s precision craftsmanship you can count on the alignment and seams to be tight and precise. There is also the option of choosing different colors and/or fabrics on the inside and the outside of the chair. With hundreds of fabric options for the inside and outside upholstery, plus the option to spec your fabric, the design options are essentially limitless. Be sure to preview the exact look of your Ellie before specifying it, on the Chair Designer This way you can ensure that your Ellie fits perfectly into your design.

The applications for this chair are broad and range from corporate workstations, conference rooms, collaborative spaces, hospitality, higher-ed admin facilities, and beyond. One note for small businesses and end-users: when the office chair first arrives, you quickly realize that it requires minimal assembly. In fact, no tools are needed when setting up Ellie. All the pieces slide into place, and the chair is secure and ready to be used immediately. Two thumbs up to Ellie, a design-oriented, and very comfortable office chair!

EdSpaces 2022

9to5 Seating is excited to announce that we will exhibit at the 2022 EdSpaces in Portland, OR, November 2-4, 2022. Come see us at booth #2359. 

EDspaces is the conference advancing the conversation about the future of learning environments. It is where innovations are unveiled and collaborations form, bringing together education’s creative change agents who plan, design and manage innovative learning spaces. Leaders from school districts and colleges, architects, interior designers, distributors and exhibitors will engage and participate in the ongoing transformation of educational environments. 

Check out a sneak peek at the 9to5 Seating products you can expect to see in our booth. Or check out our latest Education Brochure. Also, stop by the booth to enter our chair giveaway contest.

Follow us on social media for live updates from both shows. See you there!


Pictured: Dash
Pictured: HÅG Capisco Puls
Pictured: Kip