Three Reasons Movement is Good for You at Work



We all know exercise and a balanced diet are no-brainers for healthy living, but as we move through the year, here are three reasons why moving around is also good for you at work. According to several research studies, movement at work is great for productivity and worker wellness. Whether you own the business or climb the corporate ladder, everyone can get on board with improved efficiency and a healthier lifestyle. From a great task chair to walking breaks, let’s dive in.

  1. Posture is King
HÅG Capisco 8106 with headrest.

First, we’ll start with the beginning of the work day for most – sitting in a task chair is where 50-70% of Americans start their work day and good posture is critical to maintaining a comfortable sit. As 9to5Seating has highlighted in previous articles, good posture is a whole topic that contributes to better productivity in the workplace. Check out that article here. Sitting offers a much-needed rest for the legs, allowing the load to be shifted to other muscle groups. However, healthy spinal motion is critical when sitting. A good task chair should match the natural curve of the spine. People also like to recline or lounge while seated – this is inevitable – so an ergonomically designed task chair also needs to offer a footrest, adjustable back, and adjustable armrests to keep the body aligned and supported while reclining.

9to5 Seating offers several task chairs that promote movement even while sitting. Sol was designed with movement in mind and features unique pivot-back technology that enables torso rotation and side-to-side movement necessary for sharing or reading screens beyond the desktop. HÅG Capisco and HÅG Capisco Puls are the ultimate movement chairs. Feeling fidgety and restless while sitting? No problem with these chairs because they allow the user multiple different ways to sit, all while still maintaining good posture. Ultimately, the same research shows that comfortable workers are less fatigued, which leads to a 17% increase in productivity.


2. Stand While Working
Pictured: Luna task and stool

Knowledge workers can only sit for so long, even with best-in-class task chairs from 9to5 Seating. That’s why leading research suggests that workers stand and move around periodically. Standing allows workers to reset their posture, work different muscle groups, and burn more calories. The shift from sitting to standing is also a natural point to take a stretch break which also promotes good health. As part of an ASU study, employees at the school were given a choice between several types of desks during a remodel, and 80% chose a height-adjustable desk.

So, how do you choose the right sit-stand desk chair for your needs? Check out our helpful tips from a recent blog post: What’s the Right Chair for my Sit/Stand Desk. Tips like, choose a chair with a foot ring and ask yourself where your desk will reside – lab, open work station?


3. Get to Walking

Last, if you want to stay healthy and productive, you will have to move around. In the same study cited above, a group of 45 workers was asked to walk at 1 mile per hour on an innovative treadmill workstation. The participants lost an average of 8 lbs and reduced their triglyceride levels by 37%. All of this just by walking for a short period of time consistently during the work week. This type of treadmill workstation setup might not be realistic for every company, but short walks around the office are possible for almost everyone.

Flexback for Dash and Vox

What’s also helpful is mobility when you need it. When you’re in that long training meeting or when you’re in a quick collaboration meeting that turned into something longer a comfortable multi-purpose chair is a must. The Vox and Dash chairs are great options with their unique flexback technology. They can be configured as a standard base, sled, or with casters, which makes them a “swiss army knife” option throughout the office. And like we’ve said, more comfortable employees are more productive employees.

Explore Lounge Collections

Looking for a comfortable and stylish seating solution for your lounge space? Look no further than 9to5 Seating’s lounge landing page at 

Our lounge landing page features our Ellie, Lilly, and Jax lounge series, all offering exceptional comfort, durability, and design. Whether you’re looking for a classic, streamlined look or a more modern and edgy feel, our lounge series has something for everyone.

The Ellie lounge series is the perfect blend of elegance and comfort. With its clean lines and inviting curves, Ellie offers a sophisticated and inviting seating option for any lounge space. Its contoured seat and back provide ergonomic support, while its plush cushioning ensures ultimate comfort.

The Lilly lounge series is a great option for a more modern look. Its sleek and angular design will make a statement in any lounge space. Lilly’s unique backrest provides a stylish and comfortable seating experience, while its sturdy construction ensures lasting durability.

Finally, the Jax lounge series offers a versatile and customizable seating solution. With a range of upholstery options and models, Jax can be tailored to suit any design scheme. Its deep seat and plush cushioning make it a comfortable option for casual and formal lounge spaces.

So if you’re looking for design-forward and comfortable lounge seating, look no further than 9to5 Seating’s lounge landing page. With our Ellie, Lilly, and Jax lounge series, you will surely find the perfect seating solution for your space. Visit today to browse our selection!



The creative process is a delicate balance between knowledge, inspiration, and execution. At 9to5 Seating, we aim to create functional objects and pieces that bring aesthetic appeal to the space. In this feature, we interview CLAUDIO BELLINI, a Milan-based multidisciplinary design studio founded by the legendary Claudio Bellini. We delve into the exciting and challenging process of designing a chair, the inspiration behind the Cavo design project, and the rich history of the Bellini design team.

9to5 Seating: Thank you for sitting down and speaking with us. Can you introduce to our audience the CLAUDIO BELLINI design team and its history?

CLAUDIO BELLINI: CLAUDIO BELLINI is a Milan-based multidisciplinary design studio founded by Claudio Bellini in 1996. It is built on an open-minded and innovative perspective, is respectful to design heritage, and specializes in product, furniture, and interior design. Integrating different disciplines gives the studio the privilege to provide long-term consultancy to clients by advising on graphic design, architecture, CMF, and brand Identity.

The Studio’s capability of analyzing the complex dynamics of foreign markets has led CLAUDIO BELLINI to be recognized all around the world as one of the most influential European design practices. Today, the studio continues evolving by enhancing creativity with the support of a talented multinational team through its complementary skills.



9to5 Seating:  What is the general philosophy of the creative process?

CLAUDIO BELLINI: The creative process combines a wide range of activities, such as knowledge and understanding of the topic, collection of information, and, of course, inspiration. When you are in the process of exploration, a variety of objects can cause emotions and a sequence of thoughts. Then comes the process of trials, comparing variations and identifying an idea that excites your mind and meets all customer requests.

In today’s world, and especially in today’s world of furniture, it’s important to create a product that’s not only physically comfortable but also mentally and aesthetically appealing to you. Something that fills and complements the space and not only performs specific functions.



9to5 Seating: What makes the chair an interesting design project?

CLAUDIO BELLINI: A chair is a piece of furniture we are all intimate with, it is an object that we use every day be it to take a break, to sit down for lunch, or to work long hours at the office. Designing a chair for the office environment is even more challenging and interesting, a good office chair is an essential working tool that allows us to be efficient but also dynamic and flexible. Designing a chair for us means literally sculpting an object around the human body.



9to5 Seating: Tell us about the inspiration behind Cavo

CLAUDIO BELLINI: The inspiration for Cavo comes from the idea of combining visual and physical comfort together. Its shape is designed to create visual appeal and convey comfort through ergonomics. Another goal was to stand out from the others and create a piece of furniture that would evoke emotion and interest.

Thank you to CLAUDIO BELLINI for taking the time to explore their history, creative process and inspiration behind Cavo.

Learn How This Beauty Wellness Company Builds Team and Brand

Behind the Scenes with Hairtamin

The HAIRtamin co-founders share their entrepreneur story and how office furniture helps build the team. 


HAIRtamin is a beauty wellness brand that focuses on creating clean and effective plant-based products to support women’s lifelong beauty and wellness needs built by influencer and entrepreneur powerhouses Leyla Milani Khoshbin and Lilly Ghalichi Mir.

Going behind the scenes, we visit Leyla and Lilly at their glamorous office where they share their focus on collaboration in everything they do, from building and managing their team to designing their workspace.

Leyla and Lilly, tell us about the mission of HAIRtamin and the heart of what drives the concept.

HAIRtamin is a beauty wellness brand for women- by women- that focuses on creating clean and effective products that support a woman’s lifelong beauty and wellness needs. We pride ourselves in efficacious and honest plant-based products that are comprehensive and include everything you need for optimal results. We’ve left out fillers, binders, artificial colors, and ingredients that make it faster and cheaper to manufacture.

What makes HAIRtamin different from other hair vitamins on the market? How does HAIRtamin stand apart? What is notable about its ingredients?

HAIRtamin is an award-winning authority in the clean beauty wellness space. We are female-founded & minority-owned, with a mission to support a woman’s wellness journey and beauty needs throughout her life.

Our ingredients are always certified cruelty-free by PETA, thoughtfully sourced, and science-backed. We incorporate the highest quality ingredients for an authentic, 360° holistic approach to hair wellness, including clinical strength Biotin, Turmeric, Selenium, Rosemary, Zinc, Saffron, and more.

Unlike other supplement brands on the market, we pride ourselves on developing truly clean and effective formulas that are free of anything artificial. That means you’ll never find any binders, fillers, additives, preservatives, or anything else that would make the manufacturing process faster or drive the cost of the product down. If it doesn’t directly improve the quality and bioavailability of our products, it doesn’t get included in our formulas.

As founders with followings, we are also the face and hair of the brand and stand behind all of our products with a full, no questions asked, 100% money-back guarantee. That means you can try any of our products for any period of time, and if you’re not personally satisfied with your results for ANY reason or can’t commit to the process, you can send back your bottles – even if they are completely empty – for a FULL refund. That’s how confident we are in our products and what they can do.

What is the inspiration behind Hairtamin? Or what motivated you to create HAIRtamin?

HAIRtamin truly started as a conversation between two women seeking answers for themselves. Like millions of other women, Leyla and I both suffered from hair loss. Leyla had just had her second baby and was experiencing severe postpartum hair loss. I, on the other hand, had literal bald spots from the overuse of extensions. We visited doctors and nutritionists, spoke to friends, and at the end of our research, we ended up with six different brands we needed to take to get everything recommended to help with hair loss and re-growing healthy hair. One was six pills a day, another was four pills a day, and one was a powder – it was not only completely unrealistic to take so many pills a day, but it was also very expensive. A one-month supply cost us over $600! Leyla and I were so frustrated and thought there had to be a better way to address hair loss – something that was easy to take (one pill a day!), effective (everything you truly need for optimal hair growth), and clean (no additives, filler, binders or artificial ingredients). Since it didn’t exist, we decided to make it! We hired a team of doctors, nutritionists, and pharmacists, and together, they synergistically worked to create “Advance Formula,” and HAIRtamin was born.

Today, HAIRtamin is one of the largest, most recognizable beauty wellness brands in the World, with over 7 million social media followers between the founders and the brand, selling in over 160 countries globally with millions of bottles sold to date. Our products and award-winning brand have been featured in some of the most prestigious publications, including Forbes, Allure, Harper’s Bazaar, New Beauty and Bloomberg News.

When building the brand, what aesthetic or design elements guided you in making your brand? What is the aesthetic or essence of HAIRtamin?

The aesthetic of HAIRtamin was driven by beauty. When Leyla and I envisioned the brand, we immediately thought of what we felt drives a lot of “beauty”….Hollywood! Our “HAIRtamin” Gold Star is heavily inspired by that Hollywood Glamour feel, and we choose the rich color of red as our primary brand color for the same red carpet glamour aesthetic. Our goal with all our products is to help women look and feel as beautiful as possible.

When building a team and office space, were there any fundamental philosophies you focused on? How did you translate your aesthetic into physical space?

Our central philosophy has always been “collaboration.” We model this in everything we do, from building and managing our team to designing our workspaces. We have strategically placed our team members near one another to foster collaboration to allow for more collaborative working relationships.

Where can we purchase HAIRtamin products be purchased?

Today, HAIRtamin is available at, and and can be found at some of the largest, most recognizable retailers across the World, including all ULTA Beauty Stores, CVS, and Bed Bath & Beyond in the United States. Globally, HAIRtamin is carried at Harrod’s and in the UK, London Drugs stores across Canada, in Germany, and via many distribution points across the Middle East, South Africa, Australia and more.

It seems HAIRtamin speaks to more than supplements; what are HAIRtamin’s plans to grow into a wellness brand that you can share with us?

The backbone of our brand will always be our supplements, but our customer looks to us for all their beauty wellness needs, not just in supplements but also in hair care. Therefore we have developed incredible products such as a dry shampoo that offers hair growth benefits, a hair mask that helps boost follicles and encourages hair growth, as well as expanding our supplement range into other areas of beauty such as skin, nails, and even targeting greying.

Your team uses the Sol Chair by 9to5 Seating. How does it fit with your work, and what qualities/attributes do you like best?

The Sol chairs have been a great addition to our office. The stylish design and exceptional comfort give these chairs an edge over others we’ve used. Aesthetically, we were able to customize the color to fit our office and branding perfectly. Functionally, they allow us to be as productive as possible at the office by allowing us to work in comfort.

How do the Sol and the Clary guest chairs enhance your workday experience?

The Sol and Clary guest chairs offer an elegance you don’t see in regular office chairs. They also enable us to work longer at our desks without taking standing breaks since they provide so much support. Our entire team appreciates both the aesthetic and comfort of these chairs.

And, to close, as entrepreneurs, do you have any advice for startups or people just starting? Do you have a takeaway from your journey with HAIRtamin you could share?

My biggest advice to entrepreneurs is to GO FOR IT!! So many bright minds have brilliant ideas but never actually go for them. Chances are, if you need it, want it, and are passionate about it- so will tons of other people. You’ll never know your potential unless you GO FOR IT. There’s never a “good time” to wait; the best time is now.

Chair Designer is a Specifier’s Dream

One of the features we really love is that the tool is accessible from with no special software or training required. If you have access to a web browser, then you are ready to design a chair! Simply click the link on the top nav of the website. The user can then choose a base chair product from the initial menu and begin customizing.

With a chair selected, the user is prompted to browse upholstery options. And we’re not just talking about a few. As you will see in the video overview, 9to5 Seating has loads of upholstery options, ranging from single color to multi-color, and sorted by grade, pattern, color, material type, vendor and cleanability. As you click through options, the rendered image updates instantly. We were really impressed at how quickly the chair image changes – zero lag time.

As you would expect the base frame style and color are also adjustable. As if all this wasn’t enough, you can also upload your own material (COM) and render it on the chair. Got a funky idea for a new pattern? Bring it on! Want to see the new color of the year on your chair? Great idea, let’s go. Just upload and visualize it on a 9to5 Seating product.

As you design, the chair can be rotated for a perspective from any angle. Zoom levels are also really sharp for a life-like view. In addition to the powerful customization tool, the administrative functions are also impressive – making it easier for someone to specify a project and share it with a client. For example, the pricing updates in real-time as you add or remove options is a useful feature. Chair Designer also allows users to create an account where they can save multiple projects, share a design, download a PDF or send a link to a project.

Try out the amazing Chair Designer and design your own Ellie, 9to5 Seating’s newest office chair product.

Sustainability Drives Innovation – Chairs that Fight Climate Change

At 9to5 Seating there’s a long history of innovation that goes back to company’s founding when Susan and Darius immigrated to the USA from Iran and decided to take a chance on selling office furniture via a leased warehouse space in downtown L.A. That bold move doesn’t happen without an innovative approach to business. This mindset has continued to fuel the 9to5 brand into the 21st century with task and lounge seating consistently delivering more overall value than larger competitors.

The innovation continues with 9to5 Seating proud to announce that it has become the first mid-market manufacturer with all products LEVEL 2 certified and one special product LEVEL 3 certified. This is unprecedented in the contract furniture industry. It’s a testament to the commitment of resources from the parent company, Flokk Group, and the dedicated focus by 9to5 Seating management. Below is a brief overview of the LEVEL certifications:

Developed by BIFMA, LEVEL is a voluntary certification program in which third-party auditors measure a product and its producer against the ANSI/BIFMA e3 Furniture Sustainability Standard. The LEVEL program was created to provide the most comprehensive, unbiased and transparent means of evaluating and communicating commercial furniture products’ environmental and social impacts. The LEVEL mark demonstrates that the product, the manufacturing facility, and the company responsible for the product brand have all met the requirements for certification. Visit for more information.

What does this mean in application? Here are four key takeaways regarding LEVEL. First, materials really matter, and 9to5 Seating introduces chairs that help fight climate change through thoughtful material sourcing. Second, the company is dedicated to a long-term approach to sustainability through product development and innovation. LEVEL certifications are a process that requires time, resources and patience. The certification is not earned on a whim or simply bought. It takes a true commitment to build quality products that are third-party vetted and certified. Third, the product line from 9to5 has passed rigorous product checks to qualify – rest assured that each chair has been thoroughly tested. Fourth, the LEVEL certification represents a commitment to the communities where we live and work. Meeting these requirements is never easier, faster or cheaper. This doesn’t always translate to winning a specification. However, it’s always the right thing to do for our people, and it helps 9to5 Seating create environmentally preferable and socially responsible chairs for the workplace. Our mindset is that “we don’t want just to fight climate change, but also be part of the solution.”

Beyond the LEVEL 2 certification, 9to5 Seating is proud to offer two chairs that meet the even more rigorous standards of LEVEL 3 certification, HÅG Capisco and HÅG Capisco Puls. LEVEL 3 is the highest rating a product can reach and is similar to a Platinum ranking within the LEED system. With 9to5 Seating, whatever chair you specify, rest assured it’s LEVEL certified, built to last, and loaded with value. 9to5 Seating is committed to boldly changing how furniture designers and manufacturers operate. We recognize that the way business has been conducted no longer works and want to be part of the solution. From our waste management to our hiring practices, our profit-sharing to our supply chain – we will continue to push the industry forward with the best, most sustainable chairs possible.

To learn more about 9to5 Seating’s sustainability policy go to

What’s the Right Chair for My Sit/Stand Desk?

Recently invested in sit/stand desks for your entire office? Did you decide to invest in one for your WFH situation? Or, maybe, you’re a commercial designer and you specify height-adjustable desks on a daily basis. This piece of furniture is a great tool for productivity, employee satisfaction, and mental/physical health. Hang on though. What about the chair? This Forbes article points out that most workers spend most of their time sitting. Simply put, workers will sit throughout the day (yes, even the “all about fitness person” in the office). 9to5 Seating knows chairs and has task and office seating solutions that will perfectly complement a sit/stand desk and maximize the utility of these workstations.

To specify the right chair to pair with a sit/stand desk, you must start with the right questions. First, in what environment will the desk and chair be used? Open office, private office, home office, lab, common area, school or institutional setting, etc. The environment makes a difference in the design aesthetic that should be considered for the chair. For example, the HÅG Capisco Puls is ideal in a lab because the plastic shell is extremely durable and easy to clean. Also, HÅG Capisco Puls is ideal for shorter sitting periods, which you might expect in a working lab environment.

No matter where your chairs are used, check out the 9to5 Seating Chair Designer. This intuitively crafted tool allows users to sort by application type, including business, education, healthcare, heavy-duty, and hospitality. Find the right application and then dial in your design based on the back type, category, material, and other features.

The next question is how the chair will typically be used. Do you expect to sit at the desk mostly? If so, the HÅG Capisco is a great option because it has been ergonomically designed for long sits. The unique design helps support the lumbar spine and keeps workers feeling fresh and alert for longer periods of sitting. This chair also offers a foot ring and arched foot plates to help keep the user firmly planted and support the legs. These features are great for users who prefer to keep their desks at a higher position by default. Many users can then simply stand up out of the chair and continue working without having also to adjust the height of the desk. Capisco also offers many different seat heights which accommodate a wide range of body types when sitting or perching at a desk. Whether you sit, perch or stand, Capisco’s three-cylinder heights help accommodate just about anyone.

The last question is what are the overall ergonomics and best sitting position when using a height-adjustable desk? As with any desk and chair pairing, you want to ensure the forearms rest comfortably and level on the desk, feet are planted, and the lumbar spine is supported. The user should be able to sit upright comfortably. Chair options like the Omnia, Neo, Luna, and Cydia all offer foot rings and ergonomics that will support a user at virtually any desk height.

So, sit/stand desks are great, but a smart specifier will remember the chair is just as important. After all, your body is in direct contact with the chair for several hours daily. Nail the spec and keep your clients happy!

Five Things to Consider When Specifying a Chair

When it comes to your next project that requires workspace seating, how do you approach the spec? Check out whatever the big manufacturers are offering and overpay. Spec the trendy chair you saw at NeoCon? Start a Google search that goes down a rabbit trail of dead-ends? Here are five points from 9to5 Seating to consider when specifying office chairs that will help you make a more informed, smart decision.

  1. Ergonomics – If it’s not ergonomic, what’s the point? The benefits of good posture are widely known, and today’s office chairs are loaded with ergonomic features that help knowledge workers stay healthy, alert, and do their best work. A great chair should offer easy mobility and multi-dimension adjustability (reclining, height, seat depth, armrests, lumbar, circulation). The bottom line here? Make sure it’s also a comfortable work chair. Just because a chair offers ergonomics does not guarantee comfort.

Pictured: Sol

Here are a few great options to consider:

  1. Sol: unique side-to-side movement
  2. HÅG Capisco: a rare chair that supports sit-to-stand and traditional sit, movement, and posture changes
  3. Luna: great for a wide range of users, multiple adjustment options, including armrests, a seat slider, and adjustable lumbar

Pictured: HÅG Capisco

2. Customization & Style – In short, it’s 2022, so don’t settle for “standard” when customization is widely available from the best manufacturers. A great chair supplier will also be glad to offer options, price comparisons, and lead times based on various customization configurations. At 9to5 Seating, customization is standard. Color, finish fabric, legs, casters. You decide. Our online Chair Designer tool is great for seeing options and finding your perfect spec.

With all of this, be sure your chairs still look good. 9to5 Seating has racked up awards from HiP, Metropolis Likes, Good Design, CFYC, and more. No matter what you spec, rest assured our design team has your back to ensure it looks great!


  1. Quality – This should be a given, but with all of the cheaper chair options flooding the market, it’s worth asking specific questions about durability. Is the chair you are considering BIFMA compliant? Does it have a LEVEL certification? Has proper wear testing been conducted? What is the fabric rating? What is the warranty? With 9to5 Seating, the answers to all of these questions are yes, and every chair offers a limited lifetime warranty. Peace of mind that when you spec 9to5 Seating, you choose quality backed by a guarantee.

4. Sustainability – How will your spec impact the environment? It’s a valid question that is becoming a major factor in the decision-making process of design firms, facility managers, and end-users. 9to5 Seating recently launched Ellie, an innovative chair made from 95% recyclable materials, Greenguard Gold and BIFMA LEVEL 2 certified. With 9to5 Seating, “plastic” is sustainable. Another aesthetically pleasing and sustainable option is Omnia – made from 100% recyclable plastic. That’s forward-thinking when it comes to end-of-product-life options. Last, every chair from 9to5 Seating is LEVEL 2 certified, and HÅG Capisco and HÅG Capisco Puls are LEVEL 3 certified.


Pictured: Ellie

Pictured: Omnia

Beyond the chair itself, what is your manufacturer doing to be a good corporate citizen? 9to5 Seating is proud to be solar powered, LEED Gold Certified, LEVEL certified, and a proud supporter of the non-profit organization One Tree Planted – dedicated to global reforestation. Learn more about the company’s sustainability policy.

5. Overall Value – Are you getting your money’s worth? One way to evaluate this is based on hard cost. 9to5 Seating wins here, with a wide range of chairs starting under $1,000 list price. However, there’s more than price when it comes to value. What do you get for the price? With 9to5 Seating, all boxes are checked when it comes to ergonomics, customization & style, quality, and sustainability. This adds up to make 9to5 Seating a leader regarding overall value for your spec.

So, what’s most important when specifying workspace seating? The answer depends on your organization’s specific needs, budget, and use cases. There’s no one right answer, but with these five tips, you can make the right choice.

The Swiss Army Knife of Seating – Vox & Dash

“It’s as versatile as a Swiss Army Knife.” We’ve all heard this phrase, and most people instantly understand the analogy….Whatever is being referenced is dynamic and offers a wide range of utility. But why the Swiss Army Knife? And what does this have to do with office chairs? Here’s the quick backstory. It all started in the 1880s when the Swiss Army decided they needed a new tool for their soldiers. Based on the given requirements for this tool, the officers in charge of the project decided that a folding knife would be the best possible solution. It needed to be able to open cans of food, help with cooking, serve as a utensil, perform maintenance on soldiers’ rifles, and cut things as needed. The resulting knife was ironically produced by a German company until 1891 when Karl Elsener, owner of a surgical equipment company, set out to manufacture the knives in Switzerland. Long story short, the rest is history, with millions and millions of this utilitarian knife sold.

So, if there were a Swiss Army Knife of chairs, what would it be and who would produce it? It would need to be offered in a range of styles, configurations, and finishes. It would need to be styled in a way that works throughout a variety of spaces. And of course, it would need to be offered at a reasonable price. Easy answer! It’s Vox and Dash by 9to5 Seating, and here’s why.

Vox is an ideal, contemporary, multi-purpose seating solution. Created for collaboration spaces, flexible workplaces, training areas, break rooms, and just about anywhere else. It’s an enterprise-wide solution. Post-pandemic, organizations are looking for more versatility in their facilities and office furniture. This means rethinking what spaces look like, how often employees use them, and how the furniture within these spaces needs to adapt to changing needs regularly. Vox is ideally suited for offices, hospitals, and higher education environments where high traffic, turnover, and public use create harsh demands for any chair. The durable, easily cleanable surfaces allow Vox to continue to perform and sit after sit. You might think a chair like this doesn’t offer built-in ergonomics, right? Wrong! Ergonomics come standard with Vox’s unique flex zone allows someone to stretch back. Learn more here.


Turns out great things come in pairs! Vox, the perfect “Swiss Army Knife” solution, has a partner in Dash. This uber-functional chair is loaded with features that make Vox proud. The Dash multi-purpose office chair also offers built-in ergonomics. What does that mean? In simple terms, many people can use the chair throughout the day with super easy adjustments to accommodate various body types and sizes. This makes the Dash ideal for multi-shift offices and production facilities with constant turnover of staff. Dash doesn’t stop there. It’s also great for healthcare, higher education, and other workplace environments.

Dash shares the same unique flex zone as Vox. The back allows it to flex with the user as needed, providing a more comfortable seat. Users find this feature comfortable and appealing when sitting for long periods. Like Vox, Dash offers a variety of options: four-leg, sled, glides, casters, bar or task stool, and with or without arms. Then there’s the customizable plastic in 12 colors or an upholstered seat. The main difference between Vox and Dash is Dash’s perforated back which allows for easy breathability. Click here to learn more about Dash.

All these options from Vox and Dash have us wondering…Shouldn’t the phrase be “It’s as versatile as a Vox or Dash from 9to5 Seating?” One thing is certain – when specifying an office chair, task chair, executive chair, or just about any other type of chair, 9to5 Seating is your best choice for versatility, design, and value.




Textile Trends

The commercial furniture industry continues to rebound after COVID-19, but instead of just going back to “business as usual,” many in the industry are pushing on the boundaries and helping move forward faster with innovative new products, finishes and features. Here’s a look at several textile trends we noticed at NeoCon 2022.


It’s everywhere and popping! At NeoCon, we observed a wide range of colors. Everything from bright, bold, and beautiful to more earthy and muted. In past years we tended to see a certain palette or range of color as “the” theme at NeoCon. For now, it appears to be a “wild wild West” mentality, where the more color, the better, and the more range, the better. The additional layer to this trend is that manufacturers offer more customization than ever. From UV printing to custom powder-coating and finishes, personalization of color spec is a growing trend.

Visitors may have noticed this trend in various showrooms like the 9to5 Seating showroom, whose bright, bold colors represent the sunrise and sunset of a workday. Other showrooms like Hightower went with their signature muted pastels, while Bernhardt chose the minimal white gallery showcase with pops of color added by a colored light treatment.

Performance Fabrics

This is a really interesting trend that is making its way across all industries regarding fabrics. Clothing companies like The North Face and Patagonia have long since embraced the utility of performance fabrics because they are durable, washable, and waterproof, just to name a few features. For the last few decades, auto manufacturers have been slowly phasing in performance “pleather” that looks and feels like leather but performs at an even higher level. Mainstream brands like Lululemon and Levi’s have been weaving performance fabrics into everyday clothing like jeans and work pants. The furniture industry has taken notice as well.

9to5 Seating just introduced a new Ultrafabrics textile collection, Impress the Senses, offering performance, safety, and design in one bundle. These patterns are bleach-cleanable, meet the SCS Gold Certification, and pass a minimum 250,000 double rub test. Looking for more performance collections from 9to5 Seating? Check out the 9to5 Seating Nautilus and Momentum Performance fabric cards which many of their patterns offer bleach cleanability and anti-microbial capabilities.

Define Your Own Space

Another trend we noticed is textiles with a more luxurious feel – velvets, smooth felts, and more comfortable materials. This is a trend that started before COVID and has become turbo-charged. Many employers are rethinking their spaces as they attempt to accommodate employee demands to blend WFH with work from the office. Flexible spaces, lounges, pods, nooks and just about every other imaginable type of “non-traditional” workstation can be found now in the marketplace. Comfort, cocooning and creating a more “homey” space require more snuggly textiles.  The office shouldn’t look like home, but it should have some design hints and a feel that is a reminder of the comforts of home.

With this new trend, 9to5 Seating continues to add new graded-in partners to their list to accommodate the demand from designers for more “comfy” and “luxurious feel” options. Check out all the graded-in options here. 

Textiles and color create a great opportunity for both specifiers and manufacturers to rethink what a productive space should look and feel like. What helps employees feel comfortable, focused, and productive? What type of desks and seating are the most important, given the movement around open and evolving offices? Textiles and the tactile feel of a space are vitally important as the return to the office continues. Customization will  continue to play into these evolving trends as manufacturers embrace personalization and flexibility.