Why Aesthetics in the Office Matter 07/15/2022

In nature, bees work in a symbiotic relationship with flowers. Bees pollinate the plants and in exchange, collect pollen for the betterment of the hive. A bee hive is the model of efficiency with defined roles for each member of the colony. A flower is the model of decoration with its only goal to attract pollinators to the plant using color, scent and shape to aid in its propagation.

The modern office is a blend of both — it must have the efficiency of a bee hive to ensure productivity remains high, but it also needs the beauty of a flower to attract workers and provide a space where they feel safe, happy and engaged.

Aesthetics and design matter in the workplace. But it’s about much more than window dressing. The right office design can help companies attract and retain employees, create a memorable and powerful corporate identity, improve productivity and boost the bottom line.

Here’s how:

Create a Dynamic Corporate Identity

To create a powerful corporate identity and culture, it takes more than splashing a few logos around the office. The design of the office is important, but it takes planning and the proper execution.

When done properly, creating a dynamic corporate identity can help boost employee innovation, creativity and productivity and reinforce a strong sense of pride in the workplace. Visitors notice strong corporate branding immediately and if they like it, they can become brand champions. A good workplace attracts good customers.

Jax from 9to5 Seating is a perfect example of how furniture can help build a strong corporate identity. A complete lounge collection, Jax exudes both sophistication and playfulness, a sense of style and assuredness. Jax was designed for lobby and reception areas along with cafe and collaboration settings.

Pictured: Jax side

The high-back version of Jax has a wing back for privacy and focus, excellent for creating a company culture that is serious, but gives workers a choice in how they would like to work. Both the high-back and mid-back models feature arms that are an extension of the seat and allow you to get comfortable. Jax side includes multiple bases for a variety of different applications. 9to5 Seating gives its customers many options when it comes to Jax. By simply changing the base, customers can design their own corporate identity. For example, the aluminum swivel option creates a feeling of richness and style while the steel four-leg version matched with a bright, colorful fabric is more playful and fun.

Improve Productivity and Boost the Bottom Line

The look and feel of the office can help improve productivity and create a welcoming space for both workers and customers. But to capture that productivity, workers need the right tools.

Workers spend about a third of their lives in the office. If the office is poorly designed, productivity suffers. On the other hand, if workers feel like they are in a safe, comfortable, smartly designed office that they enjoy coming to, they will reward their employers.

An ergonomic task chair is a critical consideration for any office that wants to improve productivity. It is one of the most important work tools any employer can provide to its workers.

Not all task chairs are created equally. Most important is choosing a chair designed with ergonomics in mind, easy to adjust and comfortable for long or short work sessions. Next, find a task chair that looks good and fits into the overall look and feel of the office.

Cydia and Neo Lite are two seating solutions from 9to5 Seating that prove you can find office seating that works hard and looks great.

Cydia is a full seating family whose design was inspired by the shape of a butterfly’s wings. The graceful design is carried through every part of the chair. It is perfect for those less formal workspaces yet still provides excellent ergonomic support and long-term comfort. The expansive Cydia family includes task, stool, side, conference and executive seating. Cydia comes in both mesh or upholstered back options and is available in six different mesh colors and a black or gray and white frame to fit any office palette. It comes in two sizes — high-back  for serious work and a mid-back model for a lighter look and feel. Complete Cydia with either fixed-loop or six-way adjustable arms, depending on the setting.

Pictured: Cydia Mesh

Neo Lite features a sleek, contemporary design at a fantastic price. It is “lite” in scale but is comfortable in every way. Neo Lite uses a saddle-style molded foam seat designed for comfort. It comes standard with height adjustable lumbar. Simply lean forward, slide the tabs up or down on the back, and enjoy the back support tailored just for you. Choose a white, graphite gray, or black frame with a matching breathable mesh back.

Pictured: Neo Lite

Attract and Retain Employees

According to Gensler’s most recent U.S. Workplace Survey, workers in the wake of the pandemic are looking for something different when they return to the office. They became used to their living room acting as their office and going forward, they expect the office to look more like their living room.

Furniture must be flexible, comfortable and inviting. Over time, the discomfort can lead to fatigue and eventually dissatisfaction in the workplace. Dissatisfaction can turn into reconsidering one’s place of employment and eventual resignation.

Office aesthetics are about more than just how an office looks. The right collection of seating products like the Lilly from 9to5 Seating positively impacts the workplace and helps keep workers focused and happy. And when workers are excited about coming into the office, it reflects on the quality of their work and creates fans, not just employees.

Lilly, a collection of seating includes lounge, side and stool options. Lilly’s elegant, sophisticated design and beautiful lines make it the perfect choice for creating a space that works hard and looks great. Lilly works well across the office and thrives as a lounge chair, light task or conference room seat, sophisticated side chair or even as a stool that can be used in casual offices to meet around a tall table or in a stylish cafe or hospitality setting.

Pictured: Lilly side

More than just Good Looks

Design and aesthetics mean more than just making an office look pretty. Of course, creating an attractive office is important, but the design means a lot more than how an office is decorated. Great offices are spaces where workers feel important, supported and proud of their workplaces.

When it all comes together, a high-performance office can help companies attract and retain employees, create a memorable and powerful corporate identity, improve productivity and boost the bottom line. When aesthetics and design come together, offices function like bees and flowers: They work together to create something much more than they ever could on their own.