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about us

Injecting Unseen Quality into Every Part

Over 75% of all plastic parts comprising our entire chair line are constructed in-house by 9to5 Seating’s plastic injection molding department. This affords total control of the process and quality of raw materials instilled in every part thereby eliminating the need to verify vendor quality. Our exclusive use of virgin material for our 5 star nylon bases help to maintain their structural integrity. Conversely, a base made of inferior regrind material will appear outwardly to be the same. The difference is realized only after long term application by the end user. A base made of virgin material will consistently bear more weight, while bases made from regrind material may not perform properly as promised, thereby possibly causing serious injury.

Stamping Our Name on Every Chair

A metal stamping department, featuring progressive dies with automatic feeding equipment, produces many of the seat controls and other metal components on our chairs. These state of the art progressive machines work in rapid succession, thus increasing production and decreasing cost.

Designing for Tomorrow's Office Environment

A full CAD/CAM engineering and design department facilitates complete in-house, new product development via the latest technology in computer modeling and tool design. R & D and design are accomplished by our team of skilled engineers who cumulatively claim more than 50 years of industry experience.

Precision Fabrication

A modernized machine shop, highlighted by computer-controlled CNC mills, lathes, EDM machines and other equipment provide 9to5 Seating with the advantage of in-house tool and dye design and fabrication, thus introducing new products to the marketplace in a shortened time frame.

Shaping the Right Chair for the Right Fit

An all-inclusive plywood manufacturing department equipped with high frequency generators, hydraulic presses and computer-controlled CNC routers afford precision-engineered plywood parts as well as customized bending and shaping of wood veneers and offer further proof of our quality from within pledge. Our computer-controlled CNC routing system assures perfectly symmetrical parts and precise hole positioning time after time, cut after cut, and reflects more proof of the 9to5 Seating quality statement.

Molding to Ergonomically Support and Comfort

9to5 Seating's advanced molded foam injection operation incorporates high pressure, computer-controlled foam molding machines, with the capacity to consistently produce high resilient foam in various shapes and sizes per exacting specifications. Aesthetically pleasing contours are benefits also attainable time and again from this high density foam. See 9to5-Opedia for more information regarding injection molded foam.

Exacting Tests before We Ship

At our leading edge, in-house testing laboratory, 9to5 chairs undergo meticulous and intense verification of basic chair functions. Computerized machines perform specific examinations, including Back Strength, Backrest Strength/Durability, Static Base Load, Drop Test, Arm Strength, Caster/Chair Base Durability, Stability and many more performance tests. 9to5 makes certain that even the most laborious of details never leaves our facilities unnoticed.

Our Team Makes the Difference

Skilled technicians, sewing experts and upholstery artisans are teamed together to strategically plan and output qualitative, comfort-endowed and affordably priced office chairs.


We automatically mold it into our chairs from our "ground up," vertical integration methodology.