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9to5 seating commits to think & act green

9to5 Seating is committed to sustainable and environmentally responsible business practices. This global perspective is endorsed and executed throughout every aspect of our corporate culture, and within our warehousing, manufacturing and office facilities. We are proud to demonstrate our commitment by offering GREENGUARD Certified products, participating in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Waste Wise Program, and have been awarded the prestigious LEED® NC Gold Certification for our corporate headquarters facility.

Environmental Commitment in Action

9to5 Seating's corporate headquarters uses a rooftop photovoltaic panel system to generate electricity for the facility.

Over 30 years, the system will offset:

  • 6,102,370 lbs of CO2 | a leading cause of global climate change
  • 4,192 lbs of NOx | a leading cause of smog
  • 1,048 lbs of SO2 | a leading cause of acid rain
  • 1,215 lbs of particulates | a leading cause of asthma

6,102,370 lbs of CO2 is equivalent to the amount absorbed by 13 acres of trees
over their lifetime!


Our entire product line earned GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certification issued by the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute.The GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certification Program assures that products designed for use in office environments and other indoor spaces meet strict chemical emissions limits.

9 to 5 Seating products:

  • Contribute to healthier interior environments.
  • Add points for LEED Certification.
  • Offer fabrics made from 100% recycled content.
    (Fabrics made from recycled content are identified with the ♣ symbol in the Grade-In section of this price book)
  • Manufactured using plastic, nylon, steel, aluminum and polypropylene components that are 100% recyclable.
  • Use suppliers that share an earth-friendly philosophy.
  • Certified below chemical emissions limits for TVOC, Formaldehyde, Total Aldehydes, Individual VOCs, 4-phenycyclohexene.

Environmental Data Sheets for all 9to5 Seating products can be found here:

For more information about GREENGUARD programs visit
GREENGUARD summary sheet for all 9to5 Seating products can be found here.


We have been awarded the prestigious LEED NC Gold Certification for our 100,000 square foot corporate headquarters office and manufacturing facility. LEED® is an internationally recognized green building certification system, which promotes improved performance in energy savings, water efficiency, emissions reduction, improved indoor environmental quality, stewardship of resources and sensitivity to their impacts.

Click on the icons below to explore some of 9to5 Seating’s contributions to LEED® NC Gold Certification.


Sustainable Sites


Water Efficiency


Materials & Resources

Indoor Environmental Quality

Energy & Atmosphere


We are committed to reducing, reusing and recycling the by-products and waste generated through our manufacturing process through our membership in WasteWise.

WasteWise is a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's program through which organizations track their waste reduction efforts to benefit the environment.

Planned sustainable aspects of 9to5's headquarters building design contributing to LEED Gold Certification include:

  • Optimize machinery cycle times to manufacture parts in minimal time increments.
  • Evaluate environmental effects before pursuing new products or purchasing equipment to ensure alignment with environmental commitments.
  • Select materials that reduce or eliminate toxic and environmentally damaging materials from the manufacturing equation.
  • Utilize water-based, environmentally friendly adhesives throughout US and China manufacturing facilities.
  • Use of recycled raw materials in the production of urethane components when possible.
  • Sort and recycle rejected plastic components our China facility via five re-grind machines.
  • Employ molded foam production in over 85% of products, greatly reducing scrap urethane.
  • Work exclusively with wood veneer suppliers that participate in forest restoration.
  • Collect and recycle all excess fabric, dacron and leather.
  • Accurately determine the current carbon footprint through Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).
  • Identified hot-spots in energy consumption and associated CO2 emissions.
  • Optimize energy efficiency and reduce CO2 and GHG emissions from production processes.
  • Identify solutions to neutralize CO2 emissions that cannot be eliminated through energy saving measures.

Material Composition Key

Polypropylene Other - properties vary according to constituent resins.

Business Practices

It is an integral part of our corporate philosophy to promote environmental preservation. This ideology drives our endless commitment to a sustainable future.

9to5 incorporates the following practices into our business functions:

  • Compact and recycle 100% of inbound carton packaging material, protecting landfills from over 25 tons of cardboard every month!
  • Assemble a national network of blanket wrap carriers to allow orders to ship without cartons.
  • Produce all outbound cartons from 75% recycled corrugated cardboard.
  • Bulk pack stackable chairs shipped in blanket wrap carriers whenever possible to eliminate cardboard debris.
  • Use of electric forklifts in lieu of propane or other fuel based vehicles.
  • Recycle all paper cans and plastic bottles from daily office activities.
  • Dispose of used computer equipment and machine oil through proper channels.
  • Return empty photocopier/printer cartridges to our supplier for refilling.
  • Utilize paperless systems for internal reporting and production/warehouse management.
  • Specify recycled paper for all printed literature pieces.
  • Rooftop photovoltaic panel system offsets 219,312 pounds of CO2 annually, equivalent to the amount of CO2 emitted by driving 157,278 cars 50 miles a day for one year.