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2: Seat Height Lever
This lever activates the pneumatic cylinder. While seated, lift the lever to decrease the seat height. Release lever when seat reaches desired height. To raise the seat height, remove your weight from the chair and activate lever to increase seat height.


3: Back Depth Control Knob
For custom lumbar support. To adjust, turn knob left (counter-clockwise) to loosen. Move back in or out to desired depth, then turn knob to right (clockwise) to tighten.

B2 Desc:
Our basic control has simple adjustments.  Ideal for clerical, casual meeting, and general office use.  This control uses a 2.25" Cold-Rolled Steel J-Bar for added strength and back-pull durablility.   

Safety Guide Tips

Choose correct casters for different floor surfaces. We suggest choosing rubber casters for hard or concrete surfaces. For drafting use, we recommend reverse-braking casters. See Caster Selection Guide for more details.