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about us

A Perpetually Forward Thinking Company

Founded in 1982, 9to5 Seating specializes in the design and production of ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing office seating to accommodate the rigorous demands of today’s office environment.

With many years of experience in the manufacturing of office seating, 9to5 Seating differentiates itself from its competitors through its vertical integration. The combination of domestic and foreign manufacturing, with wholly owned facilities in the United States and China, offers the customer a wide variety of upholstery material only when manufactured in the United States, allowing 9to5 Seating to compete with prices of completely foreign manufactured products.

Unlike many competing companies, the vertical integration of 9to5 Seating paired with the highest quality raw materials and state of the art manufacturing equipment results in 9to5 Seating building with quality rather than checking for quality.

In a major reshoring effort to bring manufacturing jobs back to the United States, 9to5 Seating recently opened its 3rd manufacturing facility in Union City, Tenn. The knowhow and the hard work ethic of the American work force brings the products closer to their point of use in the United States and can rival the competition imported from overseas.

Companies today demand the most for their money and 9to5 Seating is prepared to deliver the highest quality product without sacrificing selection or speed of delivery.

Quality is the Issue

Uncompromising Quality from Within. Every chair, every time.
Core to 9to5 Seating:

  • The 9to5 Seating Vertical Integration formula warrantees that any chair leaving our facilities carries the branded, "from the ground up" stamp of approval that can only be authenticated by a vertically integrated manufacturer. Our chairs are ticketed at below-market pricing precisely because 9to5 Seating is able to efficiently stabilize and minimize cost without loss of quality in production.
  • 9to5 Seating does not sell "cheap" chairs rather, we pass on generous savings to our clientele via a comprehensive, across-the-board philosophy.
  • Why pay more when you can pay substantially less for 'better?' Our chairs, designed for strenuous, professional use, are constructed with strict adherence to ergonomic criteria, thus securing the "uncompromising quality" that 9to5 Seating promises.

Fusing Manufacturing with Client Fulfillment

  • Majority of office seating manufacturers throughout the world purchase components from external suppliers, thereby limiting manufacturing operations to basic upholstery and packaging functions. As a result, there exists only minimal control over raw material procurement and external manufacturing processes. Vertical integration essentially brings manufacturing 'in house.'
  • One immediate, realized advantage: Control over raw material quality as well as the manufacturing processes utilized to construct individual components. 9to5 has accomplished the improbable and can confidently offer you 'jump-through-the-roof' pricing with quiet confidence.
  • Vertical integration facilitates quality assurance in every instance, as opposed to random inspections of purchased parts. This level of control is realized through:
    1. Pre-determining the quality of purchased raw materials used for production
    2. Inspecting material quality received at the factory
    3. Designing and developing precision tooling from which to output parts
    4. Integrating advanced engineering, technology and machinery into the manufacturing process
  • Integrating Tomorrow's Machinery with Today's Industry
    1. 9to5 Seating has long understood the benefits of reinvestment into the production side of office seating. Bringing manufacturing "in-house" became a corporate prerequisite as early as 1994. Achieving quality control 100% of the time became a reality yet, improving upon its standards remains a daily consideration. As a result, 9to5 Seating is well situated in providing professional office seating to you where it becomes most crucial: The bottom line.

As Fast as 5 Days. Always Timely

Expressly for You: 5 Days

For those who need it 'yesterday,' our convenient Express Shipping makes all express upholstery cards, including Blue Express, Momentum Express, and M2 Mesh, available within 5 days on up to 25 chairs per order. Simply select from an array of mechanisms, armrests and other offered options; it's simple, efficient, convenient and expeditious.

Satisfy Your Palate of Choice: 15 to 25 Business Days

  • For those seeking the perfect choice off the traditional menu, 9to5 Seating offers hundreds of choices in our Card Programs
    Basics - From Momentum
    Inspiration - From Momentum
    Easy Elegance - From Designtex
    Ultrafabrics - From Ultrafabrics
  • Or take advantage of our COM program which allows your choice on your terms! For your convenience we have graded in the entire product line from the following 9to5 vendors: CF Stinson, Designtex, Maharam and Momentum.

Service Pure and Simple

Personalized and Responsive

  • 9to5 strives 24/7 to make your business experience with us a pleasant, lasting one
  • We value your invested trust in us, and we shall do our utmost to justify it.
  • Our integrated systems provide us with immediate and total visibility of all your account activities in order that we may facilitate timely order processing, up-to-the-moment information access and thorough after sales service support.
  • Our trained customer service representatives are well versed with the technical aspects of our products and will respond to your inquiries in a professional manner.
  • Service to us is an unending endeavor to achieve complete customer satisfaction and as such, we at 9to5 Seating consider it a work in progress.